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New horror movie story Welcome Home Sony Liv watch online or download. Directed by – Pushkar Mahabal, Written by – Ankita Narang. Official Trailer

Welcome Home Sony Liv Movie Review

It was said for the first time that the weak hearted people should not see this film.

Stay connected with the film journey to keep up with the latest Bollywood movies news. You must have seen many movies of horror movies from whom you will have seen many web series. But today I am going to introduce you to one such horror film, by seeing which you will also stand your hair.

First of all, it has never happened that it would have been spoken first in the content of any horror film. If you are of weak heart then stay away from this film or till date has not been spoken in any taxi. So now it can be estimated from here that this film is going to be very scary. This story is about a teacher teaching in a school, which is a house.

One has to go to a very old house and India and they have very strange accidents. This story is very curious to know what happened in it that to whom it is being spoken so much, is there really something going on in it, I tell you.

This film is named Welcome Home, it looks like something good is going to happen but nothing good is going to happen in it and it is going to be very dark, which will make your hair stand up.

welcome home sony liv review


Welcome home movie what is the story.

The story of Welcome Home begins. Away from the city is a very thick forest where a very old house is built. And he is hiding a lot of dark secret from inside him. There is so much dog secret in that house, which is a very scary thing to know.

The most surprising thing is that in telecom it is clearly said that if you are of weak heart, do not watch this film at all. It is clear from this matter that this is definitely something in the film, which can disturb our mind after seeing it. The story begins with the school teacher who teaches in the school.

Suddenly people come to this house. Those two girls in that house, of their own accord. But they know that it is at the will of the house. Actually some family lives inside that house which is very strange and once one enters inside the house it is very difficult to come back. Because the people who live inside, they are the demons, the very people who abuse.


There are so many stained cigarettes sleeping in this house, why do girls get very upset inside this house how we got out of here. Because the housemates are always watching over them. And in this movie, after about an hour, there is an entry of some faces which are not very painful but they are so badly frightened by shattering by entering inside the body.

That you will be forced to close your eyes, there is a very disturbing scene in this film, by which you can be very disturbed by seeing this, for a few days you will see the sound of this film around you and you will stay for a long time. Can after watching hindi movie which is very strange.

And it is very painful, seeing which you can also be very nervous, after all, why did she go to the girls and why she was not able to come back, you got answers to all these questions, inside the movie its name is Welcome Home.

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Welcome Home movie Cast & Crew

directed by

Pushkar Mahabal

written by

Ankita Narang

produced by

Paresh Rawal, Swaroop Sampat Rawal, and Hemal A Thakkar