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Viswasam full movie watch online & songs big star Ajith Kumar Nayanthara directed by Siva review

Ajith, who is a big star in Tamil, does not have much market in Telugu. Already greeted with so many dubbed movies he was left disappointed. Now he has taken the Telugu audience forward with the movie Vishwasam. Sankranthi’s blockbuster ‘Faith’ has been released here under the same name. Let’s see if this movie is special.

VISWASAM Movie Story

Veerraju (Ajit Kumar) is a gentleman who was born in a village but is not well educated .. he has earned a good name in his village and surrounding areas through his good deeds. If some people are hindering the fair which is being held in their village for ten years, he will tell them to be mindful and make sure that the fair runs smoothly. But if everyone is happy in the ceremony .. Veerraju will have a fight with his wife or children. Noticing this, all his benefactors ask him to bring them back home. With this, Veerraju leaves for Mumbai for his wife (Nayantara) who has left with a child she does not like. Why did Veerraju’s wife leave him .. What experiences did he have when he went to Mumbai .. What did he do to bring her back to his hometown .. That is the rest of the story.


Article-Analysis Viswasam movie

Ajith means Mass .. Mass means Ajith .. It feels like watching these Tamil star movies for a few years. ‘Shouryam’ Shiva is a director who has used his mass angle perfectly to provide movies that entertain the fans. His first two movies with Ajith were ‘Veeram’ and ‘Vedalam’. However, on the third attempt, the two made a slightly different movie called ‘Vivegam’. That ‘s it. With this they went back to the old route. The same .. faith. This is an average mass spice movie. Heroism at every step .. Elevations at regular intervals .. In addition to this romance .. Comedy .. Sentiment .. Combined with all the spices that should be in a commercial movie meter, it becomes a ‘faith’ movie The movie, which does not seem new at all in terms of storytelling, does not have the elements that audiences who love mass masala movies want. It’s hard to hope for more.

If you add spice to the story of the Telugu movie ‘Daddy’ starring megastar Chiranjeevi, it can be said that ‘Vishwasam’ has become a movie. ‘Daddy’ runs entirely on sentimental background. There is less heroism in it. Shiva, who was introduced as a director in Telugu, seems to have written this story with the inspiration of ‘Daddy’. In ‘Daddy’ the protagonist separates from him that his daughter died due to the hero’s kindness. Here the heroine distances herself from the fact that the daughter’s life is in danger due to the riots. Compared to ‘Daddy’ ‘Faith’ runs entirely in mass style. There will be lots of heroism. The movie goes on with elevation fights that give goose bumps to the mass audience. Shiva once again made full use of the mass angle in Ajit. Father-daughter sentiment also worked well.


In the first scene, before the arrival of the hero .. When he arrives, the villain Batch thinks that no one will stand up .. The panchayats will come down. But when the hero gets there everyone gets up and stands up. The panchayats are lowered. Let’s get up to speak against the hero .. The villain goes to Zavagari as soon as he sees it in his eyes. Elevations are the same from the beginning of the movie. The hero does what he wants. There will be no opposite. Nothing to say about the fights. The hero goes a little different to the romantic track of the heroines .. the fun goes on. Both Ajith and Nayan performed well and brought charm to the scenes. There is nothing remarkable about the elastic second half in the Mumbai setting. In the second sense the movie feels too stretched. So it’s nice to write a key point to the story in the sports backdrop. But the director failed to lead the story with a tight fit in the background.

Although many Telugu actors, including Jagapathibabu, are seen in ‘Vishwasam’, it is possible to connect to the Telugu audience to some extent. Tamil smells throughout the movie. The comedy of Tamil actors in particular is frustrating. Once upon a time there was an air of mass masala movies in Telugu and new types of movies were popular in Tamil. But now the audience is flocking to different movies in Telugu. At a time like this the mass spice movie like ‘Faith’ became a blockbuster there. It is doubtful that such a movie will be enjoyed by the Telugu audience now.

Viswasam movie Cast

Ajith Kumar has done nothing new but .. he has acted to entertain the mass audience. His performance as a husband who experiences conflict away from his wife and children is impressive. Ajith’s acting is highlighted in sentimental scenes. Ajith’s performance is especially impressive in the climax. Nayantara once again impresses with her screen presence. She did well in the emotional scenes. But the make-up applied to Nayan did not suit him well. There seemed to be something artificial in her. Jagapathibabu did well as a villain. Baby Anikha is impressive in the role of Ajith’s daughter. The rest of the cast is normal.

Viswasam movie Full Cast & Crew

Directed by
Writing Credits 
Adi Naarayana
Ajith Kumar – Thookudurai
Nayanthara – Niranjana
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Sakshi Agarwal – Niranjana’s Colleague
Darbha Appaji Ambarisha
Ravi Awana
Jagapathi Babu – Gautham Veer
Yogi Babu – Velu
Joy Badlani – Sivu
Bagya Sri
Gayatri Bhargavi
Saloni Umesh Burde
Chenthu Chenthu
Vella Pandi Devar
Baby Dhansika
Ramachandran Durairaj
Papri Ghosh
Bobbry Ghoshal
Sandhya Janak
Hello Kanthasamy
Tm Karthick
Mumait Khan
Meena Kumari
Narayan Lucky
Jangiri Madhumitha
Mahendira Mani
R.N.R. Manohar
George Maryan
Namo Narayana
Ravi Prakash
Rajitha Rajitha
Sampath Ram
Ramachandran – Police constable
Thambi Ramaiah – Rosamani (as Thambi Ramayya)
Meesai Ramesh
Kalai Rani
Bharath Reddy
Sakshi Sakshi
Sanjana Sanjana
Kovai Sarala – Filomina
Sarath Sarath
Chandra Sekhar
Robo Shankar – Merit
Sujatha Sivakumar
T.M. Karthik Srinivasan
O.A.K. Sunder
Anikha Surendran – Swetha
Sharmila Thapa – Niranjana’s colleague
Ramesh Thilak
Temper Vamsi
Surekha Vani
Meena Vasu)
Vivek – Kesavan
Produced by
Raahul – executive producer
G. Saravanan – co-producer
Arjun Thyagarajan – producer
Sendhil Thyagarajan – producer
Music by 
D. Imman
Cinematography by
Vetri Palanisamy – as Vetri
Film Editing by 
Antony L. Ruben – as Ruben
Art Direction by
Costume Design by
Dhatsha A. Pillai
Anu Vardhan
Makeup Department 
Kuppusamy – makeup artist

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