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VVR Vinay Vidya Rama Hindi Film

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Vinay Vidya Rama Hindi Film gives wrong message …

Vinay Vidya Rama, South producer Ram Charan’s most awaited Hindi Film, was finally released on the big screen. Although he did not get the audience as expected, the story was liked by the fans. Directed by Boyapati Srinu, the film stars Kiara Advani with Ram Charan along with her character.

VVR Vinay Vidya Rama Hindi Film

The Hindi Film VVR also stars

The Hindi Film also stars Vivek Oberoi, Prashant, Naveen Chandra, Sneha and Aryan Rajesh in lead roles. The hindi movie is seen revolving around the city of Visakhapatnam, where a doctor by profession has adopted Ram. Talking about the story, Ram is playing a character who saves his family from serious situations. It has taken four years to make this hindi movie Vinay Vidya Rama.

VVR Vinay Vidya Rama Hindi movie bollywood

VVR fans will be very happy with the film as it has a lot of action

In the Hindi movie, Rama sleeps peacefully at night despite killing about a thousand people, which gives a wrong message. Vivek has been given the character of Villain, who has not been able to do anything more than his acting and is seen asking strange questions.

VVR Vinay Vidya Rama Hindi movie bollywood download

Kiara Advani looks very beautiful in this film and Ram is looking at her as Sita. Looking at Vinay Vidha Rama, we feel that we are watching Balakrishna’s action hindi film Netflix. In the film, Charan jumps on a moving train and is seen riding. On the whole, there is not much visible in the Hindi Film.

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