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Taish New Hindi Movie Online Watch & Web Series

Taish New Hindi Movie Online Watch & Web Series Zee5 release date, plot, cast and read all the latest updates here

OTT platforms have become the new norm. They have been able to provide a platform for the creativity of artists to express themselves truthfully. The Zee5 may not be as popular as Netflix or Amazon Prime, but is catching up fast. Some of its shows such as Karenjit Kaur, Kod M, Rangbaaz, Abhay, Dirty Talk, Poison, Mission Over Mars, Kafir, The Final Call, Churels and Mantlehood have won the hearts of the general public. It has also attracted various Bollywood stars to join this ride.

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This year, Zee5 is coming up with a multi-star series called Taish. The 6 episode series is directed by Bijoy Nambiar and will feature well-known actors like Kriti Kharbanda, Pulkit Samrat, Jim Sarbh and Harshvardhan Rane.

Taish Bejoy’s fifth film

Taish Bejoy’s fifth film as director after Shaish, David, Solo and Wazir. He always had a strange and dark way of displaying things, which made his hindi movie unique. He got recognition from acclaimed directors like Rajat Kapoor and Anurag Basu after his first short film Reflections. He also writes his hindi films, which make him original and pure in his intentions.

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Release Date Taish New Hindi Movie

The hindi film and entertainment industry suffered a lot due to the epidemic this year. Overcoming all odds, Taayash is scheduled to be released on October 29, 2020.

Shockingly, Taish will be launched on the same day as a 2.5-hour film and a 6-episode web series. As far as Indian industry is concerned, it is a unique launch on OTT platforms.

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It debuted when Tash was shot as a 2.5-hour feature film. As soon as the lockdown occurred, they had to plan for a digital release. When the team began a screening, the audience demanded more depth in the characters, which gave the team the idea to launch as a web series.

Taish’s screenplay was eventually updated, and the creators came up with six episodes of 30 minutes each. Later, creative chiefs saw it as a blessing in disguise and thought of expanding Taish further. We are watching a multi-season series here. A web series gives a writer more freedom and space to experiment with characters and level them. This is not possible with a hindi movie watch because it has to be condensed within a specific time. This entire release idea was inspired by how Martin Scorsese handled his 3-hour feature film Irishman.

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Plot Taish Hindi Film

Taish has long been a dream project for Nambiar. Although little is known about Taish’s plot, Bejoy revealed that it is a revenge drama between the two families. The story is directed by love and vengeance.

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At a recent conference, actor Jim Sarbh defined the show as an exciting investigation into male relationships. Jim has been a perfectionist so far in his career, and it is only fair to agree with him. He also said that all the characters are written powerfully, and a lot of emotional fighting is going on. Kriti Kharbanda has called Taish her most passionate role and claimed that the youth will belong to the show.

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Artist Taish Hindi Movie

Jim Sarabh as Raghu Kumar
Harshvardhan Rane as Yash Kumar
Pulkit Samrat as Rahul Kumar
Kriti Kharbanda as Ishita
Hiten Patel as boxer
Sanjeeda Sheikh
Neha Sharma as Radha Kumar
Aditya Pancholi as Babban Bhai
Ankur Rathe
Vijay Patkar as Babu

Taish will be released

Taish will be released on October 29 on the Zee 5 platform. We hope this provides a wonderful dramatic experience for you.

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