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Mrs. Serial Killer Hindi Film Watch Thriller Crime

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The hot hindi film, of course, is pure fiction, there is little realism here, but if you watch hindi movies online at it as an entertaining, then it is quite interesting and exciting. No worse than a Hollywood thriller of the same level.

The famous gynecologist is accused of serial murders: before death, all victims, unmarried pregnant girls, had an abortion. The police officer investigating the case falsified the evidence out of jealousy, since the doctor’s wife was once his girlfriend. All the city’s lawyers refuse to defend the accused, and when the inconsolable wife turns to her husband’s former patient, an elite lawyer, he advises her that the only way to deflect suspicion is to commit a similar murder. Now the matter is small, you need somewhere to find a suitable girl for the role of the victim.

Benefit Jacqueline | Bollywood actresses | Fernandez

Benefit Jacqueline, Fernandez! Finally a worthy role hindi movie!

You know how much I love Jacqueline, so rarely do I see her successful, I’m not afraid of the word, meaningful hindi films. You can count it straight on your fingers. But she is not only a beauty, this is, as it were, my subjective opinion (someone generally considers her a stupid cow), but also a very good actress. And there were only a few films in my memory where she still managed to demonstrate her talent. And here is such a gift!

The film is made ‘for an actress’, the whole emphasis is shifted to Jacqueline, Manoj Bajpayee had a ‘main performance’ here almost at the end of the new film hindi, the actor Mohit Reina (from the TV series Mahabharata) was also somehow in the shadows, so Jacqueline shone and shone. She was finally prescribed a character, which had its own style and zest! And not as usual, beautiful furniture, in which emotions are given out by the minute: here I smile, here I frown, and then a tear flows down my perfect cheeks …

And you must admit, Jacqueline outwardly stands out from the crowd of modern Bollywood actresses, especially the latter generations – yes, I confuse them outwardly, since they are all the same for me … Same eyebrows, cheekbones, lips and priests, no charisma, no talent. I even began to write them down, what is their name, because on occasion I can’t even remember, they are so faceless.

Mrs. Serial Killer Hindi Film Watch Thriller Crime

And now about the hindi film itself.

The story about a maniac who was exposed is so confused that when watching it you no longer understand what is happening and who the real villain is. The plot deliberately confuses the viewer and misleads, which prolongs the interest in the film throughout the time.

In one city – this is somewhere on the coast, as I understood, because no one even wore a sari there, since the main population is Christians, and so, in one city they began to find tortured-tortured girls, everyone was like one pregnant at the time of death and they had an abortion before being killed. Whoever needed to torture and kill so much – they began to investigate, suspicion fell on the local doctor-gynecologist (sobssno, Manoj himself).

Doctors go to jail, but his young wife (by the way, pregnant too) rushed to the local lawyer-luminary – to rescue hubby. And he advised her a terrible plan of salvation, from which I personally was so taken aback, but we remember that these are horrors, so there are laws, and a woman rides a little cuckoo during pregnancy, so she agreed, and began to wreak havoc. It is incomprehensible, of course, her this excessive love for her husband, especially since the character is disgusting, and she was directly maniac towards him.

Mrs. Serial Killer Hindi Film Watch Crime

They married her almost by force, apparently, this fellow gynecologist had some kind of hidden talents, since she loved him so much. After all, she had previously had a relationship with a man, much more beautiful and more human than this doctor. Manoj, I must say, did his best and again betrayed a moral monster, so disgusting that he wanted to spit at the screen. And in general, the characters had a lot of illogical actions – all of them, well, this is already lyrics. With this informal, everything was also not completely clear.

And the fact that she ran along the walls is not the most dull spot in her biography. The girl was strange, however. And her boyfriend is another schmuck that merged when he found out about her partner’s pregnancy. But even though he returned to save her, it means that there is hope that he will become a normal person in the future.

9 out of 10

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