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Radhe movie 2021 collection Imdb Cast action film directed by Prabhu Deva, produced by Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, Atul Agnihotri … full Download Watch Online Free Review

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radhe movie collection

Salman Khan kept his promise of giving a new movie to his fans on Eid, even though he had to release his film Hybrid due to Kovid-19. For the last several years, Salman Khan has been making films according to the choice of his fans. Similar scenes are created in these films, seeing which applause and whistles are played in the cinema hall. If Salman goes to do something different, his fans do not like it. And even if they repeat the same acts, they are criticized. Salman does not understand what to do if he does?

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his latest movie Radhe has been produced

However, his latest movie Radhe has been produced in the same style for which Salman is known. Stylish action, vigorous one liner, villain ka bhurta bana baana hero, cool romance and succulent aftermath. If Radhe is lacking then just a good story. Don’t know why Salman’s masala films don’t work hard for the story. It is a spicy gravy with very little vegetable or chicken.

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Rana (Randeep Hooda) comes to Mumbai and takes this city in the grip of drugs. The youth are getting ruined by being a victim of drug addiction. Police has failed to clean this mess. A demand arises that this is the work of Radhe’s (Salman Khan) bus. Radhe has had 23 transfers in 10 years and he has done 97 encounters. With this introduction comes the entry of Radhe. Radhe makes a compromise between two gangsters of Mumbai and then he goes after Rana. Rana and Radhe’s hide and seek ends in the climax.

It is a Hindi remake of 2017 Korean film

‘The Outlaws’ in which changes have been made to suit the preferences of the Indian audience. Directly it is a story of good vs evil or thief-police, whose first frame is known as what will happen in the last frame. The question comes down to how this will happen?

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Radhe’s start is excellent. Hero, heroine and villain are entered within 15 minutes. The romance has a bit of comedy and some interesting scenes are seen. Even though heroine Diya (Disha Patani) does not know the reality of Radhe while there are discussions of Radhe in the whole city. But in Salman’s films, so much detailing is not paid attention to nor do those who like him pay attention to these things.

In the hindi movie Salman also takes off his shirt. You may ask, what’s new about this? It’s a new thing. While fighting, they do not take off their shirts, but in light-hearted scenes, they take off their shirts and show the body and the goons do not run away seeing their bodies, but the girls sigh.

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Director Prabhudheva also knew that there is no novelty in the story so he has made the movie run at a high speed so that the audience does not think much. Keeping in mind the superstar image of Salman, he has directed the film. A glimpse of Salman is seen in the character of Radhe. Highlighting the soft side of Salman, it is depicted that he thinks for the youth, is against drugs, girls become brave, he has the urge to do something for the weaker section of the society. On the other hand, Salman’s fight scenes have been designed keeping in mind the image of the superstar in which he picks up the goons like luggage and suffocates them with lightning speed.

The movie falters after the opening hour, it seems that there is nothing left to say, then picks up pace in the climax. Romantic, fighting and comic scenes keep running in a loop throughout the film. There is also a dose of songs in between. The songs may not have been a big hit without promotions, but their choreography and picturization are eye-catching.

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There are many fight scenes in the movie, but they do not impress much because Salman is seen doing everything very easily, he does not have any kind of problem. There has been a glitch in the portrayal of Randeep’s character as the villain. Sometimes they look like common goons and sometimes of international level, this makes the hindi movie look weak at some places.

Salman as Radhe maintains his dominance throughout the hind movie.

He is handsome, relaxed and cool, and has portrayed the character of Radhe in the way his fans want him to. He looks good in action scenes. Also, his performance in romantic and comic scenes is also good.

Disha Patani leaves her impact as Diya. He has got good scenes in the first hour, but has been forgotten in the second hour. Jackie Shroff’s character has a comic touch and could have been given a little more footage. Randeep Hooda has been effective as the villain. His looks, dialogue delivery and acting make him dangerous.

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Ayananka Bose has shot the movie brilliantly

His work is of international level and this is also a big reason that you stay connected with the movie. The film’s editing is sharp and less than two hours, Radhe is the shortest film in terms of Salman’s career span.

For the last one and a half years, we are away from this kind of masala film, so by watching Radhe this ‘hunger’ can be satisfied and the pain of coronavirus can be forgotten. Although the Radhe OTT platform has also been released, but it has not been produced according to the OTT content but according to the choice of the audience watching the film in the cinema hall.

While watching Radhe, the most striking thing is that it has to be seen at home. It is hard to miss the atmosphere created by watching Salman’s movie among his fans on the big screen amidst whistles and applause.

Radhe Movie Review By Deeksha Sharma

Radhe Movie Streaming on Zee5 & Zeeplex Featuring Salman Khan, Disha Patani, Randeep Hooda is The Recreated Version of Wanted 2009 Movie about a Man who stands tall against Wrong. Radhe Full Movie Story Explained & Positives Negatives would be shared in this Video.


Radhe is the story of a super cop Radhe, who worries about legality, protocol and consequences. is on a mission to eradicate crime without committing it. Amid rising cases of drug abuse, he is called back from suspension so that he can lead the charge and track down Rana Randeep Hooda, who is wreaking havoc in the city with his secret plans. Radhe is a movie that not only fails to entertain but also commands the audience to drop any ounce of logic and expectations of a believable story.

Salman khan radhe movie

It’s actually a whodunit wrapped in action, where the primary investigation is to find out whose idea it was to omit the story from the script.
Of course, you wonder if Radhe is the same cop from the blockbuster movie Wanted. Just to make it clear, the makers have kept it as a suspense – maybe for some other film? Anyway, Radhe is a cop reporting to the Assistant Commissioner of Police (Jackie Shroff), yet his disobedience is not a concern. In fact, Radhe is so courageous that he can blackmail his senior in return for blessings of romancing his sister (Disha Patani).

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Radhe Movie Review full

Since this is the Prabhudheva and Salman franchise, you can see a lot of songs, dances, as well as flying men and broken bones during the action sequences. By the time we reach the climax, Salman turns into a superhero,

Who can break into a helicopter flying out of his window, and can stand comfortably – almost reminding you of Amitabh Bachchan’s cautious character, Shahenshah) while being thrashed with an iron rod on his hands. As a reviewer, I wondered whether the job was to bash or imagine the audience’s reaction to such scenes if it were a theatrical release.

In the acting department, Randeep Hooda is much better. He tries to salvage the film through his acting skills. Randeep is raw and certainly plays the brutal character skillfully; However, his character has no depth to offer. In fact, the characters could have balanced the movie better and made the confrontation more engaging.

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Salman Khan’s RADHE Is The WORST MOVIE Of 2021 Review

Randeep Hoodda -Radhee

Disha Patani has been used as a glam doll but her character turns into a stumbling block, which is disappointing. Though Gautam Gulati gets screen space with Randeep Hooda, he fails to leave a lasting impression. Of course, there are scenes when Jackie Shroff takes the audience by surprise but the character himself is off-mark and written to the point of teasing a senior officer.

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Directed by
Prabhu Deva
Writing Credits  
Vijay Maurya
A.C. Mughil
Vijay Maurya
Salman Khan – Radhe
Disha Patani – Diya
Randeep Hooda – Rana
Jackie Shroff – Avinash
Pravin Tarde – Dagdu
Gautam Gulati – Girgit
Sangay Tsheltrim – Lota
Govind Namdeo – I G Patil
Sudhanshu Pandey – Dilawar
Arjun Kanungo – Mansoor
Ihana Dhillon – Mansoor’s Wife
Jacqueline Fernandez – Item Number
Vijay Singh – Ali
Aryan Arora – Sumeet
Sumit Chandra – News Reporter ‘Man’
Shruti Bhist – Sumeet’s Sister
Mitansh Lulla – Azaan
Darshan Jariwala – D.I.G
Micky Makhija – Mumbai Commissioner
Pravessh Rana – Heeralal
Shubhankar Tripathi – Mannu
Shweta Yadav – Girl Raped by Heeralal
Ajay Paul – Human Commission Officer
Nikhil Dave – Human Commission Officer
Kalpana Rao – Human Commission Officer
Shraddha Singh – Human Commission Officer
Jayant Rawal – Human Commission Officer
Kamaal Malik – Landlord
Nancy Jain – Sairah
Ajay Nathwani – Doctor in Televsion
Disha Kapoor – Wife in Television
Bharath Srinivasan – Sarvesh
Megha Akash – Nikisha
Salim Baig – Nizamuddin
Ajay Singh – Crime Branche Officer
Sanjeev Sharma – Crime Branche Officer
Nitin Tambe – Crime Branche Officer
Kabir Shereyar – Crime Branche Officer
Naveen Sharma – Crime Branche Officer
Krishnan Jatt – Crime Branche Officer
Rajesh Naag – Auto Rickshaw Driver
Ram Charan Sirka – Dilawar Man
Javed Rizvi – – Dagdu Man 2
Narra Srinivas – Pakiya
Anand Vijay Kumar – Photographer
Shaharyar Khan – Azaan Grand Father
Vishwajeet Pradhan – ACP Arjun
Shawar Ali – Vipul –
Siddarth Jadhav – Ranjeet Mawani
Lavi Pajni – Ranjeet Marwani’s Big Man
Jyoti Rana – Hotel Manager Seema
Avanti Pappu – Girls-1 in Hotel with Avinash
Sofia Basiwal – Girls-2 in Hotel with Avinash
Monica Chaudhary – Girls-3 in Hotel with Avinash
Kriti Dhir – Girls-1 in Rest Room
Anchal Verma – Girls-2 in Rest Room
Manveer Gurjar – Club Manager
Rajkumar Kanojia – Police Informer-1
Sachin Kathuria – Police Informer-2
Sanjay Bhatia – Doctor ‘Dilawar Post Mortem’
Saniya Haq – Drug Rehabilitation Girl
Naveen Bawa – Fake Officer-1
Mubin Saudagar – Fake Officer-2
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Virendra Saxena – Radhe’s Father
Zarina Wahab – Radhe’s Mother
Produced by
Atul Agnihotri – producer (uncredited)
Harish Amin – executive producer
Sushila Charak – producer (as Salma Khan)
Sohail Khan – producer
Shamiraah Nambiar – associate producer
Nikhil Nami – producer (uncredited)
Jigar Shah –
Music by
Sajid Ali – music composer
Ankit Balhara
Sanchit Balhara
Devi Sri Prasad – music composer
Himesh Reshammiya – music composer
Cinematography by
Ayananka Bose
Film Editing by
Ritesh Soni
Casting By
Mukesh Chhabra
Production Design by
Durgaprasad Mahapatra
Anupamey Sawale
Set Decoration by
Rohini Sen
Costume Design by
Alvira Khan
Ashley Rebello – costume stylist & designer
Aastha Sharma – costume stylist & designer: Disha Patani
Manish Malhotra
Production Management
Harkirat Singh Arora – production manager
Darshil Modi – production manager
Krishna Rishi – production controller: SKFSecond Unit Director or Assistant Director
Krrish Ahir – associate director
Durgesh Raje – first assistant directorArt Department
Prashant Behera – assistant art director
Sneha Bhandare – Production Designer Assistant
Smita Kambli – set dresser
Santosh Panigrahi – assistant art director
Raju Kumar Sahani – assistant art director
Samiyah Saud – assistant art director
Raj Shah – set designer
Venkatesh V. – Head painterSound Department
Yash Darji – sound effects editor
Justin Jose – atmos mixer / re-recording mixer
Parikshit Lalwani – sound designer
Hiru Paban – Foley Recording Engineer
Yash Shinde – adr engineer
Sujit Shingare – Associate Re recording Mixer/Atmos
Omkar Tamhan – Business Head: Audio Post / Director: Dubbing studio – The Audio Guys Institute / Technical Head: Audio PostSpecial Effects by
Jitendra Kumar – special effects crewVisual Effects by
Gaurav Baghel – lead compositor: NYVFXWAALA
Ankur Chaurasiya – visual effects artist
Rahul Dhanwe – CG Generalist
Avinash Gharule – compositer: visual effects
Deeptanshu Ghosh – Concept artist: Sinior Digital mattepainter
Ajay Goswami – fx artist
Akhilesh Jain – visual effects supervisor
Rohit Kapoor – Senior Unreal Environment Artist
Ashishkumar Hariram Kori – digital matte painter
Manas Manohar – VFX Production Coordinator
Mujammil Mulla – compositor
Atul Palande – visual effects artist
Bhavya Paleja – visual effects coordinator
Amit Pandey – compositor
Hitesh Patel – CG Supervisor
Charchit Porwal – CHF Artist
Pranav Pradeep – Sr. Nuke TD
Allan Sequeira
Jimish Shah – sr production coordinator
Vishal Shah – Team Lead Lighting
Suraj Avinashrao Shrikhande – Digital matte painter: visual effects
Sourav Sonawane
Ashutosh Surawshi – visual effects artist: Ny vfxwaala
Chandrashekhar Thanvi – visual effects supervisor: Floor – Redchillies.vfx
Shantanu Tungare – Title Designer
Shivam Tyagi – Layout
Lalit Verma – senior modeling artist
Bharat Waskar – Team Lead Sr. Matte Painter
Apurba Kalita – Fx Artist (uncredited)Stunts
Anbariv – Action Director
Chad Guerrero – stunt double: Salman Khan
Stunt Rider Sufi – stunt performer
Sachin Yadav – stunt performerCamera and Electrical Department
Jai Khandpur – Drone Operator
Satish Reddy Parpally – assistant camera
Sagar Singh – Jimmy jib operator
Siddhant Sinha – first assistant camera
Nikhil Sonawane – Aerial cinematographer
Saurabh Srivastava – Drone PilotAnimation Department
Suraj Sirohi – AnimatorCostume and Wardrobe Department
Urvashi Kathuria – costume assistant
Tanushka Kitt – costume supervisor
Terrence Lobo – costume supervisor
Vini Lulla – assistant costume designer
Kanysshka Miglani – costume assistant
Mohsen Nathani – costume supervisor
Harshita Singhvi – costume assistant

Radhe (2021 film) – Wikipediahttps://en.wikipedia.org ›wiki
? 1,056,450,780? 5,392? 124
Radhe : Your Most Wanted Bhai is a 2021 Indian Hindi-language action film directed by Prabhu Deva, produced by Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, Atul Agnihotri …
Box office: est. ₹ 18.28 crore
Language: Hindi
Music by: Score: Sanchit Balhara ; Ankit Balhara; …
Based on: The Outlaws ; by Kang Yoon-sung
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Radhe : Directed by Prabhu Deva. With Salman Khan, Disha Patani, Randeep Hooda, Jackie Shroff. After taking the dreaded gangster Gani Bhai, ACP Rajveer …
Initial release date: May 13, 2021
Rating: 1.8 / 10 · 161 785 votes
You visited this page on 06/12/21.

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Release Date (Theaters): May 13, 2021 limited
Original Language: Hindi
Rating: 9% · 11 votes

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