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PRALAY THE DESTROYER Saakshyam 2020 Released Hindi Dubbed Official Movie Review

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Pralay the destroyer hindi dubbed khatrimaza New movie hindi dubbed story watch online or download , Directed by Sriwass, Writing Credits Sai Madhav Burra, Sriwass. Cast Sai Srinivas Bellamkonda, Pooja Hegde. Sarath Kumar, official theatrical trailer

Big-budget movie

Bellamconda’s young hero Sai Srinivas, who made his big hit in Tollywood with Alludu Seina, is in good shape with super hit star Jaya Janaki. In the same spirit, Srivastava came forward to once again amaze the audience with the action movie Sakhyam. Could this big-budget film bring Bellamconda success again? Has Srivastava, who has starred in comedies and family artists so far, proved that he can also do huge action movies with this movie?

pralay hindi movie


Raju Garu (Saratkumar) was a great man who lived in a historical place called Swastik Nagar. Before living in the same area, Swami (Jagapati Babu) faced the injustice of his younger brothers. This unbearable predecessor is killing the entire royal family. The prince’s wife ties her son to a calf and runs away.

The man takes the child who escaped death and leaves him in Kashi. (Feedback from Sakshi) The childless couple Shiva Prakash (Jaya Prakash) named the child Vishvajna (Bellamkonda Srinivas) and raised him. Since Shiva Prakash has a business abroad, Vishva is also growing there.

Vishwa, who loves adventure, develops reality games. Soundarya Lahari (Pooja Hegde), who came to America to accompany her sister, falls in love at first sight during a prophecy. He asks Soundarya to help him with a video game, which he makes according to Indian traditions.

Beauty .. Represents the Universe of a man named Valmiki (Ananta Sriram). Valmiki recount a revenge drama concept based on Panchabhuta. At the same time, space and aesthetics are falling apart due to a slight misunderstanding. How did the Panchabhutas manage the universe that came to India for the love of beauty …? How did Vishwa put an end to those who unknowingly harmed his family …? This is the rest of the story.


Bellamconda Srinivas impressed again with his performance. The young hero, who shows good maturity for the film, was also impressed by the testimony, which unfolded as an emotional action movie. In particular, he gave action and dance. Pukka paid tribute to the film, which was shown as a commercial artist. Pooja Hegde as Soundarya Lahari. Jagapati Babu has once again shown his reputation as a villain (witness reviews).

Jagapati Babu has once again shown his reputation as a villain. Vemana cultivates good Wilinism with constant performance by reciting poetry. Ashutosh Rana and Ravikishan, who played the younger brothers and sisters of Jagapati Babu, also impressed with their scale. In other roles, Jaya Prakash, Pavitra Lokesh, Rao Ramesh, Vennela Kishore and others paid tribute to their roles.


Director Srivas Pakka, who prepared the plot with a different (fantasy) concept that Panchabhuta would take revenge, shot the hindi movie in a commercial format. Bellamkonda Srinivas set the plot mainly with combat and emotional scenes, referring to the massive image that the hero of the last film Jaya Janaki had.

Balancing action, romance and comedy in the first half, the director spent the entire second half using action and emotional drama. (Eyewitness testimonials) Harshavardhan Rameshwar wrote good music. In particular, the background music is a big plus for the film.

The songs are good to listen to and watch, but they break problems like being cut off in the middle of a story. The cinematography is good. The focus should be on editing. Abhishek Nama showed the movie abundantly without any hesitation.


Pralay the destroyer hindi dubbed khatrimaza

The trend of hitting the ground running with hero, heroines love story, villain in the middle, four songs, fights is long gone. Audiences do not watch such movies in a crooked way. Routine commercial movies, however, are being hailed as new. Only such films are being hailed as successful. Director Srinivas followed the same path with the film ‘Sakshyam’. An attempt was made to innovate on the silver screen in a new way by adding the background of five monsters to a commercial entertainer film.

Raju (Sharat Kumar) is a joint family. A good man committed to justice and righteousness. Muniswamy of the same village, the king who confronts the atrocities committed by his brothers, and his family are killed by four brothers. The king’s son Vishwa (Bellamkonda Srinivas), who survived the accident, is raised by an American Shivprasad couple. Vishwa finds beauty (Pooja Hegde) in an attempt to create a videogame with a blend of Indian cultural traditions. He falls in love with her. A misunderstood cosmic beauty goes to India. Vishwa Muniswamy, who came to India in search of her, caused the death of his brother. How he avenged those who ended his family as companions of the Panchabhutas. The film tells the story of how God supported his vision.

pralay the destroyer hindi

Pralay the destroyer character

The film manages to entertain as well as inform, combining commercialism and heroism with the idea that punishment for wrongdoing according to the doctrine of karma is wrong and that the Panchabhutas will end sinners. Contrary to the stereotype that the hero is the hero who finds the villain and searches for them, fate leads him to the place where the enemies are and writes stories and stories with interest.

It is the story of a young man who seeks revenge on the enemies who caused his family’s death. But the hero does not know who the enemy is. The villains who kill themselves are not like that. If the director fails to make sense of this point, the film as a whole becomes a mess. Srivas entwined those scenes confidently. The film opens with the thrill of ending the villains with the five monsters of air, water, fire, earth and sky. . They all seem convincing and seem part of the story but not specifically embedded in them. The way the action scenes are designed to fit the locations is great. A subplot is naturally entwined for each action episode. Mining in Kashi, Windpower in Pollachi and Ballari all added strength to the story.

pralay the destroyer hindi dubbed movie

Instead of indulging in familiar events and songs, Sharathkumar and Meena started the story with interesting scenes on screen. The scenes where the hero escapes due to the little calf are well shown with a combination of graphics. The story then follows the director’s routine of taking the story to Dubai, USA. There seems to be nothing new in the hero’s attempts to bring the heroine down in love. Hero India gains momentum as soon as it arrives. The point is that all the events that make up his videogame are happening in his life. Based on them, the hero goes in search of the villains and thrillingly unveils the killing scenes. Care was taken not to show the stretching trend anywhere.

The story of love, the drama of revenge, the theory of karma, the myths of Chakkati. The way their relationship is intertwined is great. Even though it was a routine commercial film, a lot of care was taken not to show that feeling anywhere. Everything from dialogues to screenplays is varied. All of them helped the story for a long time.

pralay the destroyer full movie

The director has struggled to tell the story in a way that suits the logic in many places. The Kashi episode went far beyond friendship. Also, all the scenes shown in the videogame could not tell the exact relationship that will take place in his life. There is a chance that the scenes that kill the villains will become more intriguing and the director will not focus on it properly. As well as the cosmic, aesthetic love affair is utterly frustrating. The chemistry between them did not bear fruit properly. The second half, in which the hero competes with the villain, slowly progresses.

Knowing in advance what the intricacies of the story are, I have nowhere to worry about what will happen next. The climaxes were plain. The songs stood in the way of the story.

PRALAY THE DESTROYER movie Full Cast & Crew

Directed by
Writing Credits
Sai Madhav Burra
Sai Srinivas Bellamkonda
Pooja Hegde
Sarath Kumar
Patricia Pinto
Jagapathi Babu
Meena Meena
Pavithra Lokesh
Ravi Kishan
Ashutosh Rana
Madhu Guruswamy
Vennela Kishore
Mahesh Achanta
Hasini Anvi
Raghu Babu
Karen Goeller
V. Jayaprakash
Rao Ramesh
Hugo Salazar Jr.
Sameer Sameer
Anantha Sriram
Gundu Sudharshan
Temper Vamsi
Kasi Vishwanath
Victoria Mahal-Sky
Produced by
Guru Bobba
Vivek Kuchibhotla
Abhishek Nama
Music by 
Harshavardhan Rameshwar
Cinematography by
Arthur Wilson
Film Editing by 
Kotagiri Venkateshwara Rao
Art Direction by
A.S. Prakash
Sound Department 
Kannan Ganpat
Hari Haran
Balakesavan Shanmugam
K.C. Sidharthan
Sachin Sudhakaran
Visual Effects by 
Alan ‘Badger’ Brayshaw
Pete Draper
Phani Vihari Gantala
Abhilash Nair
Raj Potula
Bhanu Prakash Reddy Yenumula

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