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Paava Kathaigal movie review

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Anthology Paava Kathaigal movie ‘Sin Stories’ released live on Netflix ODT site. Leading directors in Tamil cinema Gautham Vasudev Menon, Vetri Maran, Sudha Kongara and Vignesh Sivan have directed the Paava Kathaigal  movie. The recent release of the teaser and trailer has raised the expectations of the fans. Now let’s see how the picture is.

Four different stories Paava Kathaigal movie.

Thereby ‘these stories’ speak to the truth that exists in different strata of society about how women are treated as a body, as an object of preservation of dignity and honor ’. The initiative is commendable for raising the question of why women, from men to women who fall in love with a boy of a different caste, are always being ostracized by this society.

Gold directed by Sudha Kongra Paava Kathaigal movie.

Always ridiculed and teased, the transgender Sattar (Kalidas) has been in love with his friend Thangam (Shantanu) since he was 6 years old. But, to cultivate love for his sister (Bhavani) in gold, what did the beast of society do to them? What is the answer they gave.? Is the rest of the story.

Sudha Kongra takes the weighted field and makes a difference and wins with her filmmaking. Kalidas excels in the role of Sattar and makes Sabash. The performance of Shantanu Bhavani Sri Ullitor is also pakka.

Love Panna Utranum .. Vignesh Sivan directed Kalki, Anjali and others have acted. Composed by Anirudh. In the eyes of the Next-Gen youth, what is being said about caste, dignity and arrogance is just like that.

Vignesh Sivan is doing well in this strong field with his great comedy. Definitely like expecting a movie like this. !!

To show Anjali’s glamor and humility, Kalki likes Malayalam in Malayalam. The fox also plays a threatening role in the comedy. Anirudh music also adds extra strength.

Vaanmagal under the direction of Gautham Menon. The middle-class family carrying big dreams, how did they deal with it after seeing its shopkeeper daughter so cruel ..? What is their position on public view ..? GVM is saying with its trademark. He himself plays the role of father and remembers Varanam Aayiram.

Simran adds more momentum to this area with his acting. He also dissolves the audience when he thinks of his daughter. 96 Good roll for Aditya Bhaskar too, has done it right.

One night of the last winner. Paava Kathaigal movie

Daughter (Sai ​​Pallavi) falls in love with a boy of another caste and marries him. Dad (Prakash Raj) is taking her to her hometown for baby shower now that she is pregnant. But Vetrimaran has deeply demonstrated how the dignity and respect that this public society has built up makes him behave.

Even if it only takes half an hour, the winner proves how it can increase its density in visual language and wins again and again.

Prakash Raj is perfect for carrying the tightness of caste with a white Vetti shirt. Sai Pallavi adds beauty with dream in the eyes and innocence in the face. Prakash Raj – Sai Pallavi’s performance in the climax scene is a classic bet.

The crew has not only excelled in storytelling but also in music, cinematography, editing and art. Definitely a compliment to that.

Paava Kathaigal movie Cast & Crew

Directed by Sudha Kongara
The story will be directed by Gautham Vasudev Menon
This story is written and directed by Vignesh Shivan
Written and directed by Vetrimaaran, the story features Sai Pallavi, Prakash Raj and Hari who is best known for his action and masala movies in Tamil cinema

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