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What is the difference between old movies and new hindi movies of Indian cinema, which Bollywood films do you like best?

The older films are nicer and more enjoyable to watch, the older films have a good story and their music was good and
The lyrics were good too, so the older films were better.

The old film had a time for music, hindi songs. People went to watch movies as if they were celebrating a festival. There was no television or theater. There was also no new technology that made music or recording as easy as it is today.

So in old films there is more stagnation than today, or they say that the film was shot according to the plot without much remnants, the victory of evil over good was in theory. Now the time has changed. The film also shows the general weakness of a person. The image of “Bigger than Life” no longer works with many actors.

Old films weren’t as clumsy as they are in today’s films.

Today’s movies are unacceptable, especially with action scenes. These are scenes that are hard to believe.
A fighting man lifts 50-50 people into the air, because he is a hero. Holding the guy and hitting the iron pole, the pole turns, but it’s hard to get a scratch on the human body! No no no no!
When a hero directs at least a little light on a friend, he falls 150 meters. don’t know how?
If a hero slaps a guy, the man is finished! But even if the hero breaks 100 clubs in a row with a stick, a rod, a hockey stick within three hours, the hero will not even get a scratch.
One man wrestles with 100 hats and mustard and shakes them off all, but doesn’t even slap himself. Throw away food, no one can even touch it.
Knives, strikes, swords, spears, spears, pistols, revolvers, cannons, rockets, time bombs, atomic bombs, hydrogen bombs … whatever weapon is chosen, nothing can spoil the hero.
The hero can lift two feet off the ground, shake the entire planet, create a whirlwind of dust.
The hero sees the future … In an hour, in what place, with whom, what will happen … This hero knows in advance, and the incident occurs until 00.00.00 seconds. The hero’s time is so accurate that clocks around the world often set the time when they see the hero.
A hero can do everything … means everything. Law, constitution, traffic rules … Nothing of the kind. He can kill anyone, he can drive a car at any speed, he can drink and drink, he can drink, he can drink, he can harass a girl on the road, he can easily seduce a girl anywhere, stalk her, spy Maybe he can enter her house in the middle of the night … but no one can spoil it. know why? Because he is a hero.
This was not the case in older films. In old films, the hero was also an ordinary person. If he fought with someone, he would have eaten as many slaps in the face as he was used to. In older films, the action felt real and believable. In the old hindi movies of that time, the hero also suffered, he had pains, blood began to flow, he had to bandage the ointment.

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