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Nishabdham Telugu Movie Watch

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Nishabdham Watch Amazon Original Movie India

It’s a Telugu Movie suspense thriller or a murder detective film. The film will be released on October 2 via Amazon Prime Video. Directed by Hemant Madhukarji. Jin’s last film was Mumbai 125 km, in which Vina Malik starred. So, after 6 years, this Madhukarji film came out on the screens “Nishabdham”.

Nishabdham Movie Watch
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Starring Nishabdham Movie

Anushka Shetty, R. Madhavan, Anjali, Michael Madison, Subbaraju Shalini Pandey and others.

A Telugu version of Tamil dabab was also released. Silence. You can see it with English subtitles too. This film is 2 hours 5 minutes long. I’m not going to tell his story because it’s a suspense thriller.

Starring Nishabdham Movie

Briefly review of the film Nishabdham

I liked the story about an interesting story. But the direction or direction of this story weakens, disappoints us.

However, the second half did not disappoint us. But the first part is very disappointing. Moreover, it shows many foreign artists. The play of all of them seems more fake, Uber seems to be dramatic, I don’t feel natural at all. Michael Madison is a very famous artist, but his performance in the first half also seems very dramatic to us.

Nishabdham Watch Amazon

The dark tone of the film Nishabdam

The film could have been given a dark tone to Nishabdam. Because this movie has different aspects, it has a lot of characters, it is a serial killer, it is also a murder mystery, some of the characters have a backstory too. But he presented this story to us as a typical horror movie. He tried to scare us unnecessarily. This was not necessary in the film. This is the biggest disadvantage of the film.

Talk about the stress of watching a movie

At the beginning of the film, we are skeptical about the character. Later, as the film progresses. Thus, many more characters appear before us. Their different stories and aspects come to mind. The needle of suspicion rotates across different characters. This is the only question we have in our head. What is the reason for all that has happened? Why did the person who did it do it? What is the reason?

The desire to know this persists to the end. And gradually all this happens in front of us, and the reason shown to us in the finale was satisfying, funny. not

Nishabdham Watch Amazon Original Movie India

Otherwise, in any suspense thriller, such a reason is presented to us. What does not go down our throats is not digested. But this is not the case in this Telugu Movie Amazon. I liked the twist they showed at the end of the movie.

But a negative character that should have developed well. He should have devoted more screen time. His madness could be shown in more detail.

It was nice to listen to songs from Telugu films. But there was no need to sing in this film. Because the song stopped the story. The film also featured comedies, but that was not necessary either. Instead, more time should have been devoted to negative characters.

The rest of the performers were good. Thanks to this, we were able to watch the Telugu Movie to the end without getting tired.

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Nishabdham Trailer : Hindi | Anushka Shetty | R Madhavan | Anjali | Shalini Pandey | Hemant Madhukar

I would give Nishabdham 3 stars out of 5. You’ve seen this Telugu movie if yours. So what is your opinion on this, be sure to share in the comments below. thanks


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