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New Hindi Movie Release of “Laxmmi Bomb”

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Release of “Laxmmi Bomb”

The release date hindi movie for “Laxmmi Bomb” was announced by Akshaya Kumara. Kiara Adwani and Tushar Kapoor will star in the film “Laxmmi Bomb”.

The Hindi movie “Laxmmi Bomb” has been rescheduled for November 9 on the Disney Hotstar OTT platform.

The actor describes his character in “Laxmmi Bomb” as one of the most challenging roles in his film career. 13 years later, Akshay Kumar returns to the horror comedy genre in “Laxmmi Bomb”.

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“Laxmmi Bomb” Outstanding Hindi Movie in Actor’s Career

In which the 53-year-old Akshay will experiment at this stage of his career. In the Indian film industry, one can see an established artist playing a complex role in which, if viewers don’t like it, the film looks like a stain on the actor’s career. But Akshay Kumar in his film career always tried to give all his best.

The more good comedies Akshay Kumar does, the better the action and serious character will be. Over the past few years, he has starred in hindi films such as Caesar, Mission to Mars, Good News, Robot 2.0, Gold, Padman, in which his characters were very different. In the near future, Akshaya Kumar will be seen as a completely different character in Hindi action films such as Suryavanshi, historical films such as Prithviraj, romantic films such as Atrangi Rei, and family films such as Rakshabandhan.

"Laxmmi Bomb" is a remake hindi movie

“Laxmmi Bomb” is a remake hindi movie

“Laxmmi Bomb” is a remake of the 2011 film Mooney 2: Kanchan directed by Raghav Lawrence. Kanchana Muni became the second film in the series. In it, Raghav Lawrence worked as an actor, producer, director, choreographer and writer. When the Hindi remake of Kanchani “Bomb Lakshmi” was announced, the story was written by Raghav, and screenwriter director Farhad Samji and Akshay Kumar were selected as the lead actors.

However, a controversy later arose over the Hindi movie when Raghav Lawrence refused to direct it. But later everything calmed down and Raghav made a film. It is now released on its own platform, with a purchase of over Rs 100 crore from Disney Hotstar.

You must be wondering how you can make a horror comedy about transgender people? Let me tell you that in Mooney 2: Kanchana, Raghav Lawrence has a main character named Raghav who plays cricket all day and entertains people. He is afraid of ghosts and darkness. As soon as a ghostly spirit settles in him and what kind of game goes on, this horror was presented by Raghav in his comedy film, which people really liked.

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Akshaya Kumara can now be seen filming Raghava’s Yatra in a different location, playing the roles of Lakshman and Lakshmi in “Laxmmi Bomb”. Notably, “Laxmmi Bomb” will be a completely different experience for a Hindi cinema audience starring Akshay Kumar as a transgender. All Akshay Kumar films are hits or blockbusters.

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