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Naxalbari web series Zee5 review

Rajeev Khandelwal lost his heart in choosing the story, neither did the magic of the webseries nor the magic of the hero
G5’s webseries Naxalbari seeks the scope of revolution in today’s era by giving guns to poor farmers and tribals. But its story neither shows the ground reality properly nor does it do justice to the dreams of the weak. In nine episodes, dreams and reality are broken.

In romantic thoughts, even if Naxalism is associated with revolution, politics shows it as the hallmark of gun-bloodshed and terror. Art cinema veteran and popular filmmaker has been weaving stories of Naxalism on the screen with romanticism and politics.

Films like

Films like Hazar Chaurasi’s mother (1998), Lal Salaam (2002), Red Alert: War Within (2010) to Chakravyuh (2012) and Buddha in a Traffic Jam (2014) have appeared on the big screen. In the new round of OTT, now G5 has brought webseries under the name Naxalbari.

The problem of Naxal-centric stories is that all the pages of this book are open. You are almost aware of the environment of Naxalites, dialogue, worries, conflicts, humiliation of the characters, their mental texture and pace of events. The scope of new is equal here. The same happened in Naxalbari.

Here, lead actor Rajeev Khandelwal has become STF agent Raghav, who is on a mission to take iron from the Naxalites and eliminate them in Gadchiroli (Maharashtra). But despite being a man of uniform, Raghav’s fight here becomes of some personal nature. Some of his close connections come out of the Naxalites.

They call their exploits the name of revolution and it is the duty of Raghav to eliminate these violent elements. Naxalbari does not affect at any stage. The story is scattered in nine episodes and the events of the last two episodes create a little thrill. But when you start getting into it, then the matter becomes filmy. The Naxalites remain hostage, the hero killed by them suddenly turns into a superhero and suddenly overwhelms them all. The bombardment does not end with his pistol.

Rajeev Khandelwal has often been skeptical in choosing stories. Here too, that record remains intact. Rajeev may be frozen as a TV hero but he did not get success in films. Hence, his desire to become a film hero in Naxalbari is also reflected in the action scenes of the last, when he sets out to handle the entire mission alone. The way the writer-director made the climax Rajiv-centric, due to pressure or other reasons, has become ridiculous. Khandelwal is unable to decide on the screen whether to look real or a hero. His deviation is visible in the entire nine episodes of Naxalbari.

The weakest link in this webseries is writing

It seems that it was first thought up or written as a film and then downgraded to webseries. The writer-director has nothing new to say in the story. Conspiracy of occupation of industrialists on water-forest-land of poor-tribals. Politicians mixed with him. Teacher is a bearded Naxalite guide. Red flags Red salute Murder of innocent and innocent people. Hanging.

Naxalites kill police-leaders to avenge them. Police-paramilitary forces and army’s campaign against Naxalites. After these things, as soon as director Partho Mitra tried to say something new, the story wandered into the forest.

Their targets missed. Partho, who started his career in 2003 with the super flop film Koi Aap Sa (Aftab Shivdasani, Dipanita Sharma, Anita Hasanandani), was primarily a TV director. The only successful and well-known serial in his account is Badhe Lagte Hain (2011-2014 on Sony Entertainment).

One major drawback of Naxalbari is that the character of any Naxalite does not emerge here. Neither a leader shines nor does the indignation of a youth create an effect. The roles of Naxalites Satyadeep Mishra, Shakti Anand and Shreejita Dey are like filling the remaining space after the space found by Rajiv Khandelwal.

As long as Aamir Ali can change the color and leave some impression, it is time for the Naxalbari to be destroyed. Because of a weak and well-known story, dreams are shattered, reality also remains helpless. These days, the makers of webseries believe that their story will be taken up immediately. In the same misconception, he opens the doors and windows for the second season in the climax. In such a situation, he is unable to do justice even from the first season. The same has happened in Naxalbari.

Naxalbari web series Full Cast & Crew imdb

Series Directed by
Partho Mitra
Satyadeep Misra – Pahan (2020)1 episode, 2020
Aamir Ali – Keswani (2020)unknown episodes
Shakti Anand – Binu (2020)unknown episodes
Sreejita De – Prakruti (2020)unknown episodes
Tina Dutta – Ketki (2020)unknown episodes
Rajeev Khandelwal – Raghav (2020)unknown episodes
Series Produced by
Arjun Singgh Baran – producer (unknown episodes)
Kartik Nishandar – producer (unknown episodes)
Series Cinematography by
Modhura Palit – (1 episode, 2020)
Hari Nair – (unknown episodes)
Series Casting By
Shantanu Shrikant Bhake – (unknown episodes)
Series Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
Ridlan Pritam – second assistant director (1 episode, 2020)
Series Camera and Electrical Department
Modhura Palit – second assistant camera (unknown episodes)
Series Additional Crew
Royston Sequeira – Marketing Manager (unknown episodes)
Royston Sequeira – Marketing Manager (unknown episodes)

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