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Mookuthi amman story movie full watch online disney plus hotstar odt. Directed by RJ Balaji N.J. Saravanan. Cast Nayanthara – Mookuthi Amman, RJ Balaji – Engels Ramasamy. official trailer

MOOKUTHI AMMAN MOVIE has been released Review

MOOKUTHI AMMAN MOVIE has been released on Disney Plus Hotstar ODT site for Diwali release. Nayanthara starrer, RJ Balaji – NJ Saravanan How is this movie that has generated great anticipation? – Here is a special screenplay …

It is not new for us to express social ideas through the medium of cinema. In fact, we are the ones who started saying it on a massive scale in a kind of propaganda tone through verse. The seed for the intermingling of politics and cinema in our Tamil community fell there.

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The propaganda tone in cinema

But the propaganda tone in cinema is something that has faded over time. Because cinema is a visual medium. In the final scene of ‘Parasakthi’, people were thrilled to hear Shivaji speak for more than twenty minutes and admired the Dravida Party. Not only was it a device to pull people towards the screen, but the magic of turning that wave of people into oats also occurred. Moreover, cinema was just then evolving from stage plays. So, these long verses caused a separate revolt.


The most important reason

The most important reason for a MOOKUTHI AMMAN movie to become enjoyable. Strong villain character. Ajay Ghosh plays Bhagwati Baba in this film. They say he is the villain. Seen from any angle I can’t believe he played the villain in the film. How can a viewer think that he is a villain if there are scenes in which he himself is articulating him?

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Also, spoofing does not come to everyone. It is a unique art. If you spoof a thing. The person involved should laugh. That is the true success. But, while mocking the preachers here, it lacks originality and spoof character. The scenes that move themselves.

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Although the movie manages to sway the corporate preachers who make money by keeping spirituality, some of the verses are confusing.

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Urvasi is a talented actress.

He has done his job well. Balaji still has a lot to learn. His acting prowess is where he suddenly becomes rich. But, the other scenes are not so sober. The body language of the villain Ajay Ghosh is boring.


RJ Balaji gave a kind of surprise in the LKG film.

The humor was also well taken in. But the fact that it went unnoticed in Nose Goddess and the political ambiguity with which it came to speak makes it inconsistent with the movie MOOKUTHI AMMAN. The movie is a testament to what can happen if what is said is a good thing but the way it is said is not appropriate.

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MOOKUTHI AMMAN movie Full Cast & Crew

Directed by
RJ Balaji
N.J. Saravanan
Nayanthara – Mookuthi Amman
RJ Balaji – Engels Ramasamy
Urvashi Urvashi – Ramasamy’s Mother
Smruthi Venkat – Ramasamy’s First Younger Sister
Madhu Mailankodi – Ramasamy’s Second Younger Sister
Moulee Moulee – Ramasamy’s grandfather
Ajay Ghosh – Bhagavathi Baba
Sarithiran – Reporter (Ramasamy’s Friend)
Manobala – Healer Godman (Guest Appearance)
Mayilsamy – Priest (Guest Appearance)
Indhuja Ravichandran – Guest Appearance
L.R. Eswari – Self – Guest Appearance
Cinematography by
Dinesh Krishnan
Camera and Electrical Department
Raageshc – assistant camera

Dynamics of popularity MOOKUTHI AMMAN Movie around the world

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