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Mersel Review – Another hit parcel for Vijay!

Dr. Maran (Vijay) is a medical service provider who buys only five rupees. Paris is invited to present the Humanitarian Award in recognition of this service. Meanwhile, some doctors are suddenly abducted in the city. It ends up coming into Dr. Vijay’s house to catch the police thread as to who abducted him. Arresting him, he said, “You’re a life-saving doctor. Why did you kidnap doctors?” Police officer Sathyaraj begins the investigation. In return, flash packs. One is the twisted mustache Vetrimaran who lived in Madurai in 1979. Why the kidnappings took place, what happened to the mustache visitor, whether there is another Vijay or the same Dr. Vijaydana, all sit down as `Peace Pro ‘and calmly say` Mercel’

Vijay wants to give a movie with more mass load than ‘Theri’. That’s the success. The way Vijay’s 3 characters were written to make a difference and how it was brought to the screen is fine.

Bhagwati of the MERSAL movie is Vijay. Vijay has been promoted from junior commander to commander in the title card. Aadli also likes little logic in the screenplay for the title Commander and the song ‘Alapporan Tamilan’. Vijay has changed a lot for the film as he has a stylish beard and a fit body. This was the accusation of not doing this for so long. Let Vijay continue the iconic surprise like this. Lots of loops along the picture. At the end of the screenplay they say `wow ‘when they come back. To the boy who was going to make the cut out for himself, “I want all that. Help the check for four people. ” Vijay Fans to make a note!

He also plays in all areas such as dancing, action, crying and magic. This is one step further than the visit shown by Mersel who came in two bad guys on the trail. Madurai Maintanak said, “Put down the unknown fence … that’s what I asked for.” “To Rosmilka?” Pakka is also in romance with the boy who says, “There are 22 states in total, 20 children or 2 are knocked down” to Nithya Menon. Vijay had voted a few years ago not to act in smoking scenes. He obeyed as he was told. But in this film, Aadli keeps Vijay from smoking again. It was not even necessary in that scene.

Three heroines in the film. Kajal and Samantha appear in some scenes. The scenes between Vijay and Samantha are admirable. However, Nithya Menon tops the list as she has a slightly wider role in Flashback. This is a welcome comeback, apart from the ‘fencing’ that happened to Vadivelu. Still, Peel misses the comedy when he sees the Vijay-Vadivelu duo’s track record. Next, a wonderful response to Yogibabu’s comedy, which comes in two scenes. They have given SJ Surya a stylish villain and kept him in the role of a regular villain. Mass is going to be the weak villain who only gives the MERSAL movie its proper voice. Though Nithya Menon, Vadivelu, SJ Surya, Samantha, Kajal Agarwal, Sathyaraj, Harish Perady, Kovai Sarala and many others, only Vijay is seen throughout the film.

Cinematographer Vishnu is the only reason to fill our eyes with everything like Punjab’s Pottalkadu, Abroad, Tiruvallikeni Housing Board. I can’t believe he swore it was the first MERSAL movie. Alapporan Tamil song is his permanent visiting card. Commercial MERSAL movie. That too is a Vijay film. Action scenes are included. The thermal government has threatened to do more than that. Every step falls ‘like that’. Yet the film may have avoided a little bit of blood splattering throughout. Rahman has carved out songs. Sprinkle theme, Rahman’s Surprise Beyond Melting Bethas – ‘Silence’. The silence that Rahman gives in the particular scene related to Nithya Menon … Semma.

`Humanity has no special quality. Superficial verses like ‘Basic Quality for Everyone’ greatly reduces the stress of the MERSAL movie. Also, in a film that is already going long, that flashback is also tiring because it is too long. How did Vadivelu know where another Vijay was, how did Punjabi girl Nithya Madurai Tamil, all such logic collections are ticked off by Mersal in a single word called magic. A lot of people from Aadli to Vijayendra Prasad have worked for the screenplay. A masterpiece could have given the screenplay so much effort. But, giving predictable shots is a minus.

Mersal movie Full Cast & Crew

Directed by
Atlee Kumar
Writing Credits 
Atlee KumarAtlee Kumar
Vijayendra Prasad
Atlee Kumar
Joseph Vijay – Vetrimaaran / Maaran / Vetri
Aakshath Das – Maaran
S.J. Suryah – Dr. Daniel Arokyaraj (as S.J. Surya)
Kajal Aggarwal – Anupallavi
Samantha Ruth Prabhu – Tara
Nithya Menen – Aishwarya Vetrimaaran (as Nithya Menon)
Vadivelu – Vadivu (as Vadivel)
Kovai Sarala – Sarala
Sathyan Sathyan – Police Officer
Motta Rajendran – (as Rajendran)
Yogi Babu – Nolan
Kaali Venkat – Auto Driver
Hareesh Peradi – Dr. Arjun Zachariah
Surekha Vani
Misha Ghoshal – Media Anchor
Abdul Abdul
Shivani Murali
Akshath Akshath
Produced by
Marcin Andruchów – line producer
Ilija Ciriviri – line producer: Macedonia
Dejan Iliev – line producer: Macedonia
KS Jairam – line producer
H. Murali – producer
Sanjay Kr. Pal – line producer
N. Ramasamy – producer
Natarajan Ramji – line producer
Hema Rukmani – producer
Music by 
A.R. Rahman
Cinematography by 
G.K. Vishnu
Film Editing by 
Antony L. Ruben
Production Design by 
Gopi Prasannaa
Art Direction by 
Vlatko Zafirkovski
Costume Design by 
Neeraja Kona
Archa Mehta
Komal Shahani
Pallavi Singh


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