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Laal Kaptaan. Hindi Movie Review. Revenge as the purpose of life

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Laal kaptaan - Revenge as the purpose of life. Hindi movie review Bollywood film

Laal Kaptaan. Hindi Movie Review

It’s hard to call him a positive hero here, but he is not a villain in the traditional sense of the word either. In general, it is not clear who he is, especially from the very beginning of the hindi movie – it is generally not possible to identify such a person by his appearance (especially for those who are not familiar with Indian culture and the sadhu community). And, it seems to me that the non-fans of Saifka in general, this movie will not understand why everything was started there, so I will not advise it to hindi movies. But long-time and loyal fans of Saif can be seen, he is good as hell here (and looks like him!).

Laal kaptaan – Revenge as the purpose of life. I think that Saif Ali Khan is the only dude with dreadlocks, with down-eyed and a face smeared with soot, to whom this all goes terribly …

Laal kaptaan - Revenge as the purpose of life. Hindi movie review Bollywood film
Laal kaptaan – Revenge as the purpose of life. Hindi movie review Bollywood film

So, now about the director movie Laal Kaptaan

I watched the National Circuit and Fillauri at Navdeep Singh’s, and in general those films were better directed. The comrade knows how to choose strong actors, make a beautiful entourage, and even shoot several strong scenes, but putting all this together into one digestible story with adequate timing is a problem. Everyone I know from Bollywood, and who watched this hindi movie, has one complaint – well, the film is too long. Straight unrealistically tightened. Therefore, people who are not hardened by Indian films can not stand it.

The story movie Laal Kaptaan

The story movie unfolds slowly and sadly somewhere in the deserts of Rajasthan – about a boy who was betrayed by his own elder brother and who gave his life to take revenge on this very brother. But this becomes clear almost at the end, and before that I did not even stick to who, who and for what was taking revenge. But Saif is VERY charismatic! Although I read that he just licked the image of Aamir Khan in the Bands of Hindustan, I disagree with this, the character of Aamir did not have dreadlocks and he was not so bloodthirsty.

There the image was lighter, Saif is much “heavier” not in terms of weight, but in terms of drama. Although the British red camisoles were also present.

Laal kaptaan - Revenge as the purpose of life. Hindi movie review Bollywood film
Laal kaptaan – Revenge as the purpose of life. Hindi movie review Bollywood film

Another famous actor in hindi movie

Another famous actor in hindi movie can be noted my favorite Deepak Dobriyal (an extremely talented comrade of this non-standard appearance), who looks utterly out of the ordinary in his cocked hat, plays an almost cartoon character and does it luxuriously. Zoya Hussein is staring, very passionate and generally similar to a person in a row of almost identical plastic Bollywood dolls of the last seven years.

Let’s hope that the directors don’t screw her up and make a shmukla doll out of her, there are already plenty of them. Amir Bashir also appeared in the supporting role, and Simone Singh recognized, passed a little, but still beautiful. She is now playing sensible age roles – the very thing. In my opinion, there was also Sonakshi Singh in the episode, but I could be wrong.

About music in thes film

I can’t say anything about music, somehow everything went on in the background, well, I’ll start from the fact that if I didn’t remember anything, then there weren’t any clips. Maybe they were, but nothing special.

I watched the film Laal Kaptaan

I watched the film in June, a lot has already been forgotten, but I remember the very atmosphere of revenge and the doom of human existence. Once again, I will repeat, to advise such a me-me-me … a specific sight I do not undertake to anyone, except for the fans of Saif. Here is a pleasant viewing for them, but it will not be pleasant for anyone.

Laal Kaptaan movie Full Cast & Crew

Directed by
Navdeep Singh
Writing Credits
Sudip Sharma
Navdeep Singh
Deepak Venkateshan
Saif Ali Khan – Gossain
Zoya Hussain – Widow
Manav Vij – Rehmat Khan
Deepak Dobriyal – Tracker
Aamir Bashir – Adham
Simone Singh – Begum
Neeraj Kabi – Sadullah Khan
Rudra Soni – Hunter Young
Abhishek Madrecha – Young Rehmat
Vibha Rani – Laal Pari
Saurabh Sachdeva – Army General
Madan Deodhar – Maratha Captain
Eshika Dey – Wet Nurse
Milind Dastane – Maratha Commander
Ondassyn Bessikbassov – Head Afghan
Stanzin Chokphel – Afghan -1
Gautam Agarwal – Old Naga
Arun Singh Bhagat – Old Gossain
Jan Bostock – English Officer
Shobha Chander – Thakur’s Maid
Henry Douthwaite – Theodore Munro
Dinesh Goel – Mir Baksh
Chetan Hansraj – Sangram Singh
Hari Aum Kalra – Gobind Mal
Raj Kishore – Naga Chief
Devi Mali – Flower Girl
Ajay Paul – Thakur
Shivanshu Nirupam – Thakur’s Son
Pawan – Thakur’s Guard
Vijay Sanap – Maratha Warrior Head
Arun Sapkal – Maratha Junior
Krishan Pal Singh – Thakur’s Attendant
Varun – Young Adham
Ma Sayed – Pindari – 1
Abdul Razzak – Pindari – 2
K. Godaan – Pindari – 3
Aziz Rizwan – Pindari – 4
Alad Hassan – Pindari – 5
Taj Bhai – Pindari – 6
Sunil – Pindari – 7
Sajid – Pindari – 8
Rudra Agarwal – Young Naga
Ghulam Ali – Afghan -2
Mohammad Afzal – Afghan – 3
Atulesh – Thakur’s Munim
Aurobindo Bhatacharjee – Highway Bandit Chief
Sikandar Chauhan – Hindi Scroll Reader
Shiv Divenda – Shroff
Upendra Vyas – Sangram’s Bandit – 1
Vijay Lal Gujjar – Sangram’s Bandit-2
Rahul Raj – Sangram’s Bandit-3
Mukesh Banjara – Sangram’s Bandit – 4
Mangal Singh – Sangram’s Bandit -5
Sumit – Rohilla Henchman -1
Jayesh – Rohilla Henchman -2
Irshad – Eunuch at Noor Bai’s Kotha
Olzhas Togymbet – Young Afghan
Vivaan – Servant Boy
Yogesh – Jamal
Adwin R. Nirmalkar – Hangman No. 1
Hemant Kapur – Hangman No. 2
S.L. Laxkar – Pandit
Khushi – Eunuch at the Fort
Nazir Hussain – Afghan-4
Sonakshi Sinha – Noor Bai
Produced by
Sunil Lulla – producer
Amit Mehta – line producer
Aanand L. Rai – producer
Ajay Rai – executive producer
Himanshu Sharma – co-producer
Music by
Naren Chandavarkar – back ground score
Samira Koppikar
Cinematography by
Shanker Raman
Film Editing by
Jabeen Merchant
Casting By 
Mukesh Chhabra
Production Design by 
Rakesh Yadav
Art Direction by 
Narayan K. Padharia

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