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Khuda Haafiz – Hindi Movie Review – from a Collection of the Best Indian Films in Hindi

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Hindi Movie Review. Best Indian Films in Hindi

After ‘Yaara’, Vidyut Jamwal is once again taking a combination of action and emotion. Director Farooq Kabir has tried a good thriller with the film ‘Khuda Hafiz’ released on Disney Plus Hotstar. However, it remains only as an attempt. Apart from the action and location in the hindi movie, there is a lot that kills you. Let’s know …

Khuda Haafiz - Hindi Movie Review - from a Collection of the Best Indian Films in Hindi

Khuda Haafiz – Hindi Movie Story

The film story is quite flat. Sameer Chaudhary is married to Nargis. Both Sameer and Nargis are working couples. But the recession in 2008 derailed his life. After this, both of them apply to go to Noman (imaginary Arab country) with the help of an agent. However, it happens that the approval of Nargis comes first. In such a situation Nargis flies alone to Noman. After a few days, Sameer gets a phone call, in which Nargis tells herself badly. After this, Sameer reaches Noman to find and save his wife. Does he know his wife is saved? And if so, how? To know this, you have to watch the Bollywood movie.

Khuda Haafiz - Hindi Movie Review - from a Collection of the Best Indian Films in Hindi

What felt special in Khuda Haafiz Movie?

– As seen in every of Vidyut Jamwal’s films, that is action. Once again you will get to see the best body and action scenes of electricity. In this case once again, electricals do not disappoint. But in this you will not get the action of ‘Commando’ level.

The language and language of the film have been taken care of. Noman, the country that has been coined on paper, seems to be largely real. Earlier, such locality has been seen in Salman Khan’s film ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ and many other films. A different language has been used, so many times one needs to read subtitles to understand. But this does not seem strange. However, when he speaks Hindi there, he shrugs a bit. Good cinematography and end tings have been used to land the location on the screen.

Khuda Haafiz - Hindi Movie Review - from a Collection of the Best Indian Films in Hindi

Where is the deficiency in Khuda Haafiz hindi film?

Vidyut Jamwal is a good actor. He has good fans of action, but he is not able to succeed in emotional scenes. Sorrow does not appear from just trembling and loud breathing. At the same time, the part of actress Shivalika Oberoi has just sung and the beginning and the end. Annu Kapoor, Shiva Pandit and Aahna Kumra are seen on screen more than them. However, Annu Kapoor, Shiva Pandit and Aahna seem fine in their roles.

Farooq Kabir’s effort does not work. Many small things seem strange. Like the world’s largest smugglers have a full army, but just a pistol to move. At the same time, as in Noman he dodges everyone, he knocks. Because he is not an agent or trend officer. Apart from this, you will get many scenes where your flow breaks due to these reasons.

Kabir has also written the story. The story is written with an action hero in mind. Watching this reminds me of Netflix’s movie extractions. There is one line story and only action. But God Hafiz’s action is not of extraction level.

In conclusion about the hindi movie Khuda Haafiz

If you are a fan of Vidyut Jamwal and like to watch action movies, you can watch it. There can be only one reason to watch movies, that is action.

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