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Hindi Movie “Maari 2” Review After Watching. Dhanush | Balaji Mohan | Yuvan Shankar Raja

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After watching the first hindi movie, I had one question – well, why did they shoot this sequel and ruin such a good first film? For as I wrote in the review of the first “Maari”, everything was so perky, lively and romantic, Dhanush was a hooligan, but then he practically re-educated, although it was not clear that this influenced him so much, love, but was there love?

The writers of the Hindi movie “Maari 2” did not calm down

The scriptwriters of the Hindi film “Maari 2” didn’t rest on this and made a script for the second film, “Maari”, which upset me.

Firstly, in the second “Maari” did not take Kajal, they carefully merged it and instead a new beloved Anandi (Sai ​​Pallavi) was formed, which is one and a half times thicker than Dhanush, which looks comical (especially in dances).

Secondly, Dhanush is still thin, but a little pumped up. Although such a constitution as his, this buildup will not save. There you have to eat with basins, but not the fact that it will help.

Hindi Movie "Maari 2" Review

Thirdly, the plot is somehow not harsh, there is no integrity at all. First, a friend betrayed, then someone’s brother was killed, then suddenly there was a sharp love between “Maari” and this rickshaw girl, for whom he had never had any feelings before. Yes, and I would not feed, in his place.

Some kind of village girl with a show-off and a blush all over her cheek (I suspect that these are some kind of pigment spots, this blush seemed suspicious to me from the hindi movie with Surya).
“Maari”, of course, is a bully himself, and Anandi is a bully, but with Kajal he was better mounted. Although I have met the opposite statements on the Internet, my personal opinion is that Kajal rules.

Hindi Movie "Maari 2"

The comedy and tragedy of film “Maari 2”

And one more thing I didn’t like: the first part was a comedy, and for some reason tragedies were added to the second. It turned out to be an ordinary gangster hindi movie … and the character Marie himself has less fun, suffers more, and everything is somehow not right – a thought arose when watching. All that remains is Maari’s coolness and humor. And the theme of revenge and these endless fights were absolutely useless.

Hindi Movie "Maari 2"

Another small plus of the movie “Maari 2”

Actor Tovino Thomas. I just discovered for myself that he already has fans. It was difficult for me to assess him, the role is negative, and outwardly not my type, and different weight categories with Dhanush … But definitely, a charismatic guy. There is something in it.

Hindi Movie Maari 2

In conclusion about the Hindi film “Maari 2”

As a result: the hindi film is much weaker than the first part, in my opinion, it was necessary to develop the theme that was at first, and not jump over to revenge on everyone in a row, it is not clear why. But this is often the case, and not only in Indian cinema. You can watch, however. Dhanush is beautiful as always.

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