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New Hindi Movie JL50 Review: Great time travel flight which finally got stuck in ‘Turbulence’!

This Hindi Movie series TV full of artists like Abhay Deol, Pankaj Kapoor, Piyush Mishra, Rajesh Sharma, Ritika Anand has been released recently. The first season of the series and only four episodes depict the story of a time travel.

Can the time passed live again?

This question is something that every scientist thinks of searching. Be it in reality or in hindi films. For this, there is always talk of time travel, for which many films have been made in Hollywood. Those made in India were either given an angle of rebirth or were not shown in the right way. This film is a serial TV in Hindi filmed and written by Shailendra Vyas.

This hindi movie series TV full of artists

like Abhay Deol, Pankaj Kapoor, Piyush Mishra, Rajesh Sharma, Ritika Anand has been released recently. The first season of the series and only four episodes depict the story of a time travel. This series has been directed by Shailendra Vyas and he has also written.

What is the story of the hindi movie?

The time is for 2019, where an aircraft crashes, its investigation is handed over to the CBI. When CBI officers (Abhay Deol, Rajesh Sharma) start a search, it comes to a 35-year-old aircraft. All the things about the crash plane draw attention to that, a scientist-pilot who survived the crash (Piyush Mishra, Ritika Anand) is also 35 years old. And in the meantime, a communist professor (Pankaj Kapur) takes CBI officers back 35 years through time travel. The same story is enough for four episodes.

What’s the best in the movie series TV?

If we talk about artistry in the series, the work of Pankaj Kapoor and Abhay Deol has been fantastic. Pankaj Kapur has played the character of a Bengali aged professor in his own style, the accent may seem odd at times but minor mistakes are suppressed by the character’s attitude. At the same time, Abhay Deol is shown as a CBI officer in the way he fulfills it.

If we talk about Piyush Mishra’s character, then his character is that of an eccentric scientist. According to Piyush Mishra, this character is right for him, but hardly so far this eccentric scientist has been shown. In every style of Piyush Mishra, that craze is shown in a very good way. Somewhere you may find this too much, but then it also appears that the scientist has been shown in this way. However, Piyush Mishra has got less time to appear on screen than Pankaj Kapoor.

Rajesh Sharma always leaves a big impression in short intervals, the same happened in this series. While his work as a supporting artist was excellent, the comic punch that came in four episodes remained his name. Ritika Anand’s role is small, but a seriousness is shown in her character which is seen during time travel.

Series Hindi Movie Directions and Mistakes

There is no focus and pressure on the upcoming series or film on Sony Live like Netflix or Prime. In such a situation, if anyone sees it, then he will get more than expected. The writer-director of the hindi series TV Shailendra Vyas has threaded the story well, the subject of time travel always seems to be stuck in Hindi cinema. Tried to put it on screen easily. The casting also fit right according to the hindi movie.

If we talk about the flaws in the series, the first is that the series is only four episodes, which is small according to the expectations of the web series. Secondly, when the film goes after Time Travel in 1984, the story gets entangled for a few moments, as well as there are many small mistakes which the general audience might not notice but are seen to concentrate more. If we talk about the character then hardly any CBI officer has been shown so weak on the screen, who is also afraid to shoot.

JL 50 Hindi Movie Full Cast & Crew

Series Directed by
Shailender Vyas
Writing Credits 
Shailender Vyas
Series Cast
Abhay Deol – Shantanu4 episodes
Pankaj Kapur – Professor Subroto Das4 episodes
Ritika Anand – Bihu Ghosh4 episodes
Piyush Mishra – Biswajit Chandra Mitra4 episodes
Rajesh Sharma – Gaurango4 episodes
Amrita Chattopadhyay – Shriparna2 episodes
Barun Chanda – Ganguly2 episodes
Saswati Guhathakurta – Bihu’s Mother2 episodes
Gautam Sarkar – Professor Mitra’s Son1 episode
Sourav Datta – Young Subroto Das1 episode
Aparajita Ghos – Maitri1 episode
Pujarini Ghosh – Shantanu’s Wife1 episode
Pradeep Chakraborty – Mr. Chatterjee1 episode
Mrinal Mukherjee – Partho Majumdar1 episode
Rohit Basfore
Series Produced by
Ritika Anand
Bob Gaider
Yasmin Gaider
Devendra Gandhi
Hrushikesh Joshi
Hrishikesh Dilip Patil
J.B. Shah
Miten Shah
Abhayanand Singh
Deepti Singh
Manish Pal Singh
Piiyush Singh
Shailender Vyas
Atindra Dobikar
Bob Gaidhar
Yasmin Gaidhar
Series Music by
Aseem Trivedi
Series Cinematography by
Bradley Stuckel
Series Film Editing by
Sushant Mishra
Shailender Vyas
Series Art Direction by
Tanmoy Chatterjee
Series Costume Design by
Anjali Gandhi
Anjali Devendra Gandhi
Series Makeup Department
Jessica Parmar

Dynamics of popularity JL50 Hindi movie around the world for 12 months

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