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Gulabo Sitabo Hindi Movie Full Review & Watch

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 Hindi Movie “Gulabo Sitabo” Director Shujit Sirkar

Director Shujit Sirkar differs from his vision of the world and is generally different from other Bollywood hindi movies directors. I don’t know, for better or worse, but ALL of his films that I have seen are all non-standard, touching on some kind of social problem and do not fit into the framework of classic Indian cinema.

Gulabo Sitabo Hindi movies review. Amitabh Bachchan and Ayushmann Khurrana come together ..

Why, all his films are not Indian at all

Well, let’s remember at least “Donor Vicky with the same Ayushman, or” October “with Varun Dhavan – he even made such a masal friend as Varun play to the fullest. I respect such directors, they pull out everything they can from the actors. In Gulabo and Sitabo, he brought together two such celebrities as Amitabh Bachchan and Ayushman Khuranna. Amitabh, of course, was beyond competition here. You just needed to see him, his fishy empty eyes and bent back. Ayushman played a loser Dodik, but with his own reason. Two completely different characters, who in the end were left out of work both.

Gulabo Sitabo Hindi movies review. Amitabh Bachchan and Ayushmann Khurrana come together ..

The movie Gulabo and Sitabo are some kind of folklore characters

From the film, I realized that Gulabo and Sitabo are some kind of folklore characters popular in Lucknow, who constantly quarrel with each other, and therefore often turn out to be heroes of street performances – they are simply funny, with their help they entertain children and street onlookers. With them, in parallel, the main plot of the hindi movie unfolds, in the center of which “stands” an ancient mansion on one of the streets of Lucknow.

The owner of the mansion is almost 95 years old, but she has a “young” husband, 80 years old, Mirza (Amitabh ji). And the purpose of his life is to get this mansion for himself, because his wife never rewrote this house for him, which comes complete with tenants who have lived here since time immemorial. The tenants generally think that this house is “rightfully theirs,” even if they don’t pay for it. Just because they were born and raised here. Ahaha, and nothing that Mirza stands every single day with an outstretched hand – pay me, darlings. And the darlings answer – but no, take a bite! and we will not leave here!

One of the tenants is Banks (Ayushman), a loser in life, a young man who needs to feed his family, in my opinion he never learned, works at a mill, and dreams of somehow improving his life. But, like Mirza, he does not shine with intelligence – they all do not shine there, except for civil servants and architects, who also sleep and see how this mansion is privatized. All these intrigues, conspiracies, altercations resemble a tangle of vipers – who will bite whom more painfully. And the grandmother, the owner of the mansion, lies, like she is sick, but in the end she gives out such a trick that my mother is dear.

Gulabo Sitabo Hindi movies review. Amitabh Bachchan and Ayushmann Khurrana come together ..

Amitabh in this hindi film amazed here again

Amitabh here, of course, once again amazed. Firstly, it is simply not recognizable. I read that complex makeup was applied for several hours, he endured everything, obediently reshoot takes, and after filming he walked around the streets of Lucknow, and no one recognized him. And here’s the truth, if you don’t know what kind of actor he is, you will never guess.

Secondly, I am glad for Amitabh that such a Bollywood movie mastodon is not being “written off” for retirement, no matter how hard his spiteful critics try. Of course, it’s hard for him to play at his age, they say that after the “Bands of Hindustan” he healed his shoulder for many months after heavy armor, but he cured it – and again in the ranks. This cannot but arouse respect, you must admit, when a person literally lives his profession until such years.

Ayushman was also good, but in the background, no offense, Amitabh “outweighed” him in all respects. I liked the granny, it seemed like she was dying, dying, but no, she made a feint with her ears and left her curmudgeon with a nose. The funniest scene is how she twisted her fingers with duct tape so that hubby could not put her fingerprint on the documents.

Non-standard hindi films about India

So for fans of non-standard hindi movie about India, for fans of Amitabh and Ayu, I definitely recommend watching them.

But not an entertaining movie, not once.

Therefore: 8 out of 10

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