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The name of the movie is ‘Genius’

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The story of a boy who is a hacker. She is also accompanied by a girl. That is, love story too. There is a villain, so there is also a heavy action. This is a drama movie mixed in which forced patriotism has been killed. With the help of many twists, it has been tried to make it a thriller as well. Utkarsh Sharma, son of ‘Gadar’ fame Anil Sharma has played the lead role in the movie. And Karan Johar has become Anil Sharma Himself for his son. Ishita Chauhan, Ayesha Julka, Mithun and Abhimanyu Singh are together. And Nawazuddin Siddiqui has been added separately.

Mathura Born and Brotup boy is Vasudev Shastri

Everyone calls Vasu. In this affair, Gulshan Devaiya’s face is repeatedly remembered. Well, what’s with that guy that he looks like a downloaded. Because he knows all the qualities of hacking. But there is no mention of where he learned all that. Mahimandan and son Prem openly come to the fore when it is learned that a boy with admission in IIT has been given a part-time job by RAW. When his people get caught in any problem, then Vasu is called for his rescue.

The story of the GENIUS movie

The story of the movie goes forward in such a way that now that boy has to save his country. Nawazuddin Siddiqui means the film’s Villain MRS. He is also a genius. Huge problem. The first one did not understand why Genius and now the second one too. No Proper Hacking Back Story. At the end of the movie MRS gives a spoiler, which opens the entire movie. And you feel bad for Vasudev that it had nothing to do with all this. There is a monologue in the climax Nawaz is 10-15 seconds long. In this, he explains why he is needed in such films. This is the scene where Villain becomes the hero of the film. The only problem with that is that he’s a genius

This is the second movie of Utkarsh

First as a hero. Before this, he was seen in Dadar’s ‘Gadar-Ek Prem Katha’. Looking at his work in the movie, it seems that this movie is being shot for a long time, in which his work was getting better with each rising scene. Or perhaps he has done a good job in every phase of his character. Ishita Chauhan’s character is typical 90s girlfriend. Who first teases the boy and then falls in love so much that he leaves everything to him. Earlier Ishita i.e. Nandini was completely career oriented. However, it was not told what she wanted to do. She used to tease this Vasudev because he is the topper of IIT JEE and this second topper. Both study together. First the boy bothers. And then the girl impresses him and starts loving him again. The concept that this hero people fell in love with at first sight is now on its way to becoming immortal.

Now what is here is that after the release of 60-70% of the GENIUS movie

Now what is here is that after the release of 60-70% of the movie, hero-heroines are found, but the movie still keeps going. Because now Villain was coming. Father has put less burden on the child’s shoulder. First dealt with the girl, then brought the villain. Cool This villain, the story that was going on on its screen, good and entertaining was the story of his past life, which he himself was narrating. What is around Nawaz that an aura of acting has been created, what comes around is lost somewhere. Despite the good work of Utkarsh, the same thing has happened in this movie. Mithun’s character is also small but he is made necessary after the climax. There is no such backlash with Raw and his associated people in any film.

Even after good performances, ‘Genius’ as a movie seems a bit scattered

On one hand, it makes you spoon feeding, then on the other hand, the work of solving and sorting out the scattered film goes to you. So this whole three-hour film moves at a slow pace. And even after reaching where you want to go, you do not give any very satisfied feeling. This action-drama film tries to be a thriller but does not produce thrills in the theater. You sit for three whole hours and get tired. The songs are the life of the film. And almost all the songs are beautiful. Very nice ones. The music in the film is of Himesh Reshammiya.

The biggest weakness of ‘Genius’

The biggest weakness of ‘Genius’ is that the story of its characters starts after becoming Genius. Their genius also means very Babuji type. Some such social service type. The movie is very loud. In the area with its dialogues. In the movie college part, Utkarsh’s intro is in a different getup. After this, when his real face is seen, a girl says- “This is so hot.” This is what the film watcher himself should understand. Those things have also been explained by saying, which the man himself understands. This happens very often.

Nowadays, patriotism is such a spice in the movies

Nowadays, patriotism is such a spice in the movies that it is sold very well with the word of mouth of those who love the country, showing their atmosphere. Manoj Kumar started. Akshay Kumar is advancing. John Abraham is in trial phase and new entry is excellent. It has also been used extensively in ‘Genius’. At one place, Anil Sharma contracts himself. In one scene of the movie, Nawaz tells Utkarsh that he will have to tear the flag of India or else he will tear the clothes of his fellow girls. Now Hero was confused but the director was clear that there is no need to get caught in the controversy, so we dodge that scene very comfortably.

However, by adding all the subtraction, the issue reaches here that ‘Genius’ is a midiocar movie. Instead of walking in one direction, he sets foot on two-three boats, in which his knicker explodes. If you have a lot of mind, then see. If you do not go with much hope, you will be less disappointed.

GENIUS MOVIE Full Cast & Crew

Directed by
Anil Sharma
Writing Credits
Anil Sharma
Sunil Sirvaiya
Amjad Ali
Utkarsh Sharma – Vasudev Shastri (Vasu / Genius)
Ishita Chauhan – Nandini Chouhan
Mithun Chakraborty – Jai Shankar Prasad
Ayesha Jhulka – Nandini’s Mother
Nawazuddin Siddiqui – MRS (Mr Samar Khan)
Abhishek Agrawal – Himanshu
Vikrant Antil – (credit only)
Malti Chahar – RAW agent
Dev Gill – Rajiv ranjan
Zakir Hussain – Minister
Muni Jha – Pujari Baba
Rajiv Kachroo – Jason
Ehsan Khan – ISI Chief
LUV – justin (IIT Student) (as Luv Vispute)
K.K. Raina – Das
Ashok Samarth – Arjun Rathod
Abhimanyu Singh – Praveen Joshi
Produced by
Harsh Dave – line producer
Deepak Mukut – producer
Yashasvi Pandey – line producer
Sunil Sharma – executive producer
Music by
Himesh Reshammiya
Monty Sharma
Cinematography by
Najeeb Khan
Film Editing by
Ashfaq Makrani
Casting By
Shreedhar Dubey
Production Design by
Bijon Das Gupta
Set Decoration by
Naveen Jain
Costume Design by
Shaahid Amir
Devanshi Raghuwanshi

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