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Game Over The Best Of Bollywood Hindi Movies Version Review

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The only thing that remained incomprehensible to me is why all this atrocity was filmed by the killer? ..

Game Over The Best Of Bollywood Hindi Movies Version Review

I can assume that after all, they sold these vidos on the Internet for big money to all sorts of perverts, then there was at least some sense in this. Well, or is it a club of maniacs on the road, when several frostbitten comrades gathered in a separate place, and together (!!!) they felt a desire to brutally soak the girl, and at the same time shoot it all on video. Some kind of collective maniacism, I don’t know if this happens or not. Well, there is a collective hysteria, maybe there is such a phenomenon.

Game Over The Best Of Bollywood Hindi Movies Version Review. See the top 50 movies

One way or another, they shot what they shot, and Taapsi makes me more and more happy with each of her hindi films. As much as she was none at the beginning of her career, she did not stand out from the line of YI doll girls, she has become so interesting now, especially when she came to Bollywood. And with partners she is lucky, and she herself is already able to “pull” any hindi movie. She has reached such a level that she does not even need a partner as such. Or such as, for example, Amitabh Bachchan in the movie “Revenge”. Now what is her level.

She makes me happy. In this film (it is a joint, Indian-Turkish one), of course, there is more fear and mysticism than, in fact, the crimes themselves, and the story of serial murders simply gives “poignancy” to the picture. Taapsi plays the girl Sapna, who a year before the events described was attacked and raped.

Game Over The Best Of Bollywood Hindi Movies Version Review.

The rapist entered the house, but for some reason raped, he did not kill. And so she still experiences this pain, trying to commit suicide from time to time, she has a bunch of complexes and fears, in general, a bunch of psychological problems that she solves alone.

Next to her is only her maid, Kalama. She has a difficult relationship with her relatives, they seem to be happy to help, but Sapna fenced off from everyone. Her profession also contributes to this – she is a game developer, you can work from home and not communicate with people if you don’t want to. And she doesn’t want to. He goes to a psychologist, but it helps a little. She’s a muddy girl, in short. And unhappy.

Game Over The Best Of Bollywood Hindi Movies

The original feature of the hindi movie, as it seemed to me, is the tattoo on Sapna’s arm. Allegedly, when they made it to her, they “drove” paint with the ashes of a girl who was killed by maniacs.

Well, yes, it seems to us wildness, but the Indians have thought of this. So that the tattoo always reminds of the deceased. I don’t know if such tattoos really exist, I recently watched the program with he was in some southeastern country, and there precious stones are stamped from the ashes of the dead and relatives can order themselves there is a pendant or a ring.

Game Over

I was out of touch with what I saw, but here, a similar case. And with this tattoo began the devilry in Sapna’s life, with which she does not even know what to do. It is worth noting that the bollywood movie is not very clear from the very beginning, but soon everything falls into place and it is quite clear what they want to convey to the viewer. And yes, it will not drag out, modern Indian films are already about two hours long, or even less.

That is, in fact, Hollywood lovers can already watch this movie, and they will not be bored. The actors (in particular, Taapsi herself) play VERY decently, you believe them unconditionally. Taapsi holds up beautifully in front of the camera and faithfully demonstrates despair. There is not a single dance song. So I don’t even want to call her Slippery (as a joke, of course). She has outgrown Slipper. Now she is boldly put in a row with American actors.

Game Over The Best Of Bollywood Hindi Movies Version Review. See the top 50 movies

The only negative of the hindi movie is that the action takes place in the same house (practically). And everything is repeated in a circle, it’s a little tiring. The police, as always, cannot be counted on, they each time (!) Came without reinforcements, although Sapna reported on the phone that there were several maniacs. Congenital stupidity of some kind.

Well, as far as I remember, the Hindus in films about the police officer have two extremes – either they are patriotic and heroic to the gnashing of teeth, or there is a clinic in their heads, and how they are hired is unclear. There is no middle ground.

My personal opinion is a very worthy thriller with elements of mysticism, Taapsi is great, and you can ignore some of the shortcomings in the script.

9 out of 10

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