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Gabbar Singh Hindi Movie Review. I liked the fact that the film …

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I liked everything except the dances of Pavan Kalyan (Gabbar Singh). All the time it seemed to me that the buckle on the belt would outweigh him and he would fall somewhere to the dancers to dance …


Just like that, I never climbed to watch this Hindi fool, but since I am a fan of Dabbang, and this hindi film is the southern version of it, and, as I read, even better than the original. Moreover, Pavan Kalyan and Shruti Hassan, I’m thinking how such a young girl will be mounted with YuI Hiro, twice her age …

1403 Gabbar Singh Hindi Movie Review. I liked the fact that the film ...

Fact that the Sardaar Gabbar Singh hindi movie

I liked the fact that the film was not a complete copy, but a lot of their own was introduced, and the innovations were beneficial. Either the creators were making fun of Dabbang, or in all seriousness, they wanted to make the “best” version, I don’t know, but they did it!

Pavan got into the role so much, so shone and shone in this hindi movie that he wanted to sneeze there, so that he would be compared with Salman and not in favor of himself. Of course, Salman is more textured, who would argue. But Pavan travels, fortunately, not on his slender texture, but on charisma, his specific humor and naked enthusiasm.

A police inspector from him is such a thing, there is not a police station, but a farce, but here’s a croxword puzzle – despite his slenderness (for weighting – only buckles on belts!), They began to fear and respect him, and girls even be in love! I liked Shruti, despite the fact that she is much younger, and it is striking, such a correct and traditional Yui girl, not a bitch and not in a miniskirt.

A beauty, and her face is not yet chipped to death. I even liked the comedians, Ali and Brahmanandam did not irritate, they were in place, and I even laughed at their jokes. However, the jokes here were more from the category of black humor, so maybe they went well.

Gabbar Singh Hindi Movie Review.

Probably, the moment will soon come that they will not be in some Hindi movie, and I will start to get bored and feel with every fiber of my soul that they are not enough.

The paradox is this. But the funniest moment was when Venkant (Gabbar Singh himself, who proclaimed himself as such, because he loved Revenge and the Law very much, and identified himself with the villain in this story) made the bandits sing songs from the Bollywood films in the police station. Such black faces have put on capes – and well, let’s sing and dance like women. Hilarious!

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Therefore, in the end we get a good entertaining hindi film in the best Masala traditions, for resting the brain and spinal cord, whoever has what.

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Guns, Guts and Love! Superstar Pawan Kalyan is here in his latest avatar.

Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Kajal Aggarwal, Sharad Kelkar

Director: K S Ravindra

Produced By: Sunil Lulla, Sharrath Marar

Music: Devi Sri Prasad Music on Eros Music

9 out of 10

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