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Instructions to Download Movies to your Phone


Watching a movie without the Internet is convenient if you are on the road or there is no access to the mobile network. Many modern smartphone applications that distribute multimedia content allow users to pre-download the desired video files to their phone for later access to them offline. This function is mainly available in premium versions of programs. For free viewing, you can pre-download a movie from a torrent or a suitable site.

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Below we take a look at some great ways to watch TV shows offline on your smartphone and tablet.


Initially, Videoder was created for phones as a tool for downloading videos from Youtube hosting. Currently, downloads from more than 50 diverse sites are supported. The program allows you to download to your phone not only movies and TV shows, but also music in the desired quality.

Videoder features:

downloading videos from platforms YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Hotstar, VKontakte, etc .;
access to 4K video recordings;
batch download of selected files when connected to the network;
accelerated loading process by creating multiple network connections;
the ability to edit the covers of downloaded files;
when copying a link, the program will automatically offer to download the selected content.

Google Play Movies

The service gives you access to a huge collection of movies and TV shows that can be downloaded to your phone for further viewing without the Internet.

Access to films and series offline is exclusively on a paid basis, while the user has the opportunity to either purchase a movie permanently or rent it for a while. The rental price is lower than the purchase.

For viewing, you can use any player on your phone or use the built-in player through the service.

When buying a movie, pay attention to what language it is available in. The main page of the service mainly displays movies in English and Hindi.

To purchase, you need to have an account in the Google system, connect a bank card to it and top up the account for the purchase amount.

Download Movies List Now!


Offline access;
A large collection of films, TV series and TV shows in different languages;
Possibility to save on purchase by renting.


Not so long ago, the MEGOGO service added the ability for users of the mobile application to watch movies without the Internet.

The service is available only by subscription, at the moment you can download about 10,000 films, the database is constantly updated. New films are also available for download after purchasing the film at full price.

To watch movies without the Internet, you must:

Select a video in the catalog or through a search;
Click on the download icon;
Select the quality of the downloaded video and a suitable audio track;
The system will notify you how much space the downloaded file will take on the media;
After consent, offline access to the video will be created.
To see the list of downloaded films, you need to go to the “I’m watching” section. The downloaded files will be available for viewing regardless of which country the user is in at the moment (when changing the position, the catalog of online films changes depending on the country).

Big TV

The application for downloading films without the Internet gives users access to more than 10,000 films in different genres with the ability to download offline versions to their phone for viewing at any time, even if there is no Internet.

You can download the program from the market for free, and it is also distributed through the official website of the service.

In order to download a movie to your phone, you must click on the download icon and follow the further prompts on the screen.

Download Movies List Now!

Disadvantage of the service – some films are available for offline viewing only after purchasing a subscription.


Downloading from torrent

The platform offers users access to a huge collection of movies, TV series, TV shows and other media files. Accordingly, you can download movies to your tablet, phone, iPad or iPhone for offline viewing.

To watch movies from a torrent offline, you must:

Download the utorrent application to your phone (the basic version with all the necessary functions is distributed free of charge through the Play Market).
Find the desired film in the appropriate format on the website. Be sure to pay attention to the video recording format, the higher the quality, the more space the video will take on your phone.
Download the torrent file to your phone (extension – .torrent) and run it via utorrent.
Note. You will not be able to download a movie without a torrent file or a special tracker program. For this, however, other download movies methods are available, which you can learn about from this article.

After downloading, the downloaded file will be available for viewing at any time until you delete the video from the device.

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Download Movies List Now!

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