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Dhenikaina Ready Hindi Movie Review

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A very decent, entertaining family comedy hindi movie with a new for me, Vishnu Manchu!

I included this hindi movie in my wishlist

For a long time, dear friends, I included this hindi movie in my wishlist, in my opinion, as soon as it came out to find out who this new (well, still new) actor is. Actually, he has filmed before, but with the dubbing of his hindi films in general, the trouble.

So far I have watched two films with his participation, and there are only three of them with voice acting. The rest are either with subtitles or with the original track. Guard. Although it’s me, he’s not a mega-super-duper old like Mahesh Babu, NTG or Allu Arjun. We are content with what we have.

I also found out that Vishnu has a younger brother, Manoj Manchu, whom, probably, all Indomans have seen in the cult Telugu film “Crossroads of Fates”, where the main role was played by the same Allu Arjun. This is the same musician. Everything, so far I have not seen him anywhere else, all for the same reason for the lack of voice acting. Sadly, sadly.

Dhenikaina Ready Hindi Movie

My hands reached the hindi movie

And now, after 6 or 7 years, as it often happens with me, my hands reached the hindi movie. And I shouldn’t have watched it before. A good, lightweight, entertaining hindi movie about family traditional values ​​that Telugu loves to movie so often. There is no description at all on the KP, so I will briefly tell you: Vishnu plays the Muslim Suleiman, in whose family there was a split a long time ago.

His mother, from a Hindu family, fled for love with a Muslim, her older brother got furious and almost cursed her. And already 25 years have passed, and families are all at war. Well, Suleiman decided to reconcile them all, citing the fact that he could not see his mother sad. I made my way to my uncle’s house under the guise of a brahmin priest and called himself Krishna Shastri.

Dhenikaina Ready Hindi Movie review

How he pretended to be a Hindu and recited mantras in prayer is a separate song. And then he prayed to Allah, and then to Jesus to the pile. He made a fool of everyone and simultaneously fell in love with his uncle’s adopted daughter (Hansika Motvani). Well, I fell in love myself. All this with jokes, colorful clips and decent acting.

Responsible for humor here (who do you think?) Brahmanandam, of course, who played the family manager. By God, when he stops appearing in every first Telugu film, I will miss him. I already unconsciously await his appearance in every such fool. By the way, after this film, I watched another, earlier hindi movie with Vishnu “Prince of my dreams” (this is the first hindi dubbed movie with Taapsi Pannu), where he also plays a lover with a broken heart. Hilarious!

Dhenikaina Ready Hindi Movie bollywood

As for Vishnu, his not particularly impressive appearance (slender, black, with a flattened nose) is more than compensated by his “ease” in the game, energy and charisma. Of course, he is far from mega-super-duper old, but as fans of YI cinema say, now he is generally on a different level. You need to look at something fresh with him, one problem, everything is fresh unvoiced.

It always happens – with Hindi movies

This is always the case – a film with Mahesh Babu is translated in one night and dubbed in three, but as for little-known actors or Tamil films, it can take years. Anyway. Regarding Hansiki – here she was presented as a beautiful picture, no special emotions were required from her, therefore she was and was. Vishnu was in the spotlight for the entire hindi movie, and he got all the credit.

Dhenikaina Ready Hindi Movies

Therefore, to summarize: the hindi movie is pure entertainment, you can even watch it with your family, there is nothing like that, everything is about the value of family and family ties, which are even higher than religious ones and all others. I definitely recommend it for unloading the brain and resting from problems.

My rating: 8 out of 10.

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