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New project Contagion 2011 full movie in hindi dubbed hd illustrates

Steven Soderbergh’s new project contagion 2011 full movie in hindi dubbed hd illustrates well the saying that waiting for a holiday is often more pleasant than the holiday itself. The problem is that the viewer hoped to get something grandiose, a sparkling cocktail of vivid images, ingenious acting and a fascinating plot from “Infection” or from the star cast. But Soderbergh did not dance to the tune of the public and turn his brainchild into a banal blockbuster with action and special effects. Obviously, Soderbergh intended to please the critics, but he gave the audience a poor choice – either to agree with the professionals and accept the film as it is, or … The point is that the truth is balancing from side to side: critics overestimated Contagion in many ways. but the audience began to undeservedly scold him, because there are enough positive moments in him.

Soderbergh himself stated that the meaning of contagion 2011 full movie in hindi dubbed hd is in the realistic recreation of social behavior during cataclysms. Such a formulation of the question will explain the lack of a clear character system, the inhibition of the plot, as well as the presence of some features inherent in a documentary hindi film. Meanwhile, Soderberg either deceived or misinterpreted the work he had done, since Infection by and large resembles a fairy tale, and not a natural picture of life. In addition to the development of events and the corresponding ending, the actions of the characters indicate the fabulous subtext, as well as their division into exclusively positive and one sharply negative. In order not to continue pulling the bagpipes of “philosophy”, we will talk about them.

The Saints Contagion movie

The only “civilian” character, he is also the protagonist of the new hindi movie Mitch Emhof, played by the “muse” of Soderbergh Matt Damon, is essentially nothing outstanding, so one could only wonder what merits he was given the most screen time for. From a logical point of view, Emhof should be the personification of the grief and despair of “mere mortals” in the face of an unknown danger, the helpless position of people who are not in power. But is it possible to be imbued with Mitch’s supposed feelings if, two minutes after the news about the death of his wife and son, he behaves as if nothing tragic happened. Further, for an hour and a half, our “man of the people” is trying to save his daughter from her boyfriend, looting, but in fact does nothing that would cause a real intrigue. However, Damon, unlike his “wife” Gwyneth Paltrow, was still lucky, since Soderbergh refused to measure something more death-like convulsions. Well, as they say, “who got the stick, who got nothing!”

The next in line are modern knights without fear or reproach – doctors and scientists

For the main thing they have the African American Ellis Cheever (Laurence Fishburne) – a character rather background than influencing the course of events. At first glance, this high-ranking boss is an ordinary person who cares, first of all, about his relatives and friends, is somewhat not completely frank, and therefore gets into a mess in front of a hypocritical blogger who pointed this out to him. Nevertheless, strange metamorphoses occur with Dr. Cheever, when, at the end of the epic, he shows miracles of nobility, performing an act that is completely implausible and, to say the least, sucked from the finger. What is this contagion 2011 full movie in hindi dubbed hd – the character’s conscience, or the desire of the filmmakers to show what a merciful government is in the USA?

Unfortunately, there is nothing to say about Cheever’s “clone”, the character of Jennifer Ehl – just monotony, sugary positivity and complete facelessness.

In some ways from the echelon of “saints of God” I remember “Martyr No. 1” Erin Mears, carefully played by Kate Winslet. Mears got the most dramatic actions, namely actions, and not sitting out in offices with an intelligent look. She, like that missionary going into the wilderness of savage settlements, at the first order of the patron, went to the center of the spread of the epidemic in order to find out its causes. In principle, the role of Winslet could remain as colorless as that of her colleagues, if not for the sad fate of her heroine …

And the last one who plays the role of a pure and bright princess is Dr. Leonora Orantes (Marion Cotillard), kidnapped by the Chinese in the hope of getting a ransom with a vaccine. Cotillard herself did not even have to lift a finger in the work on her, if I may say so, role. With the contagion 2011 full movie in hindi dubbed hd same ease, a porcelain doll with a built-in tape recorder could play Leonora – all that remains is to shrug her shoulders and wonder why Cotillard agreed to such a penny role? Although, the meaning of Leonora’s storyline is clear to me: on the one hand, her story is one of the examples of many similar situations with kidnapping all over the world, and on the other hand, it is proof of the harmful influence of the Internet, because Leonora was kidnapped precisely because one network rat trumpeted the whole world that the Chinese would never get medicine.

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