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Class of ’83 Hindi Film Review: Bobby Deol Starr In this crime-drama, the drama is lacking

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Based on Hussain Zaidi’s novel ‘Class of’ 83 ‘, the hindi film tries to present the Mumbai police and gangster drama in a different way. While most hindi movie in Bollywood have introduced the world of the underworld, this film has tried to connect the audience with the police system. But there is no newness in the story.

“The police system is a coin that has two sides, one law and another order .. Sometimes the law has to be sacrificed to maintain order” .. The Bollywood hindi movie has both its beginning and end with the same dialogue. And there is a story between this – that of an honest police officer, of corruption, of the law and order of the country.

Class of ’83 – hindi movie

In 1982, a top police officer has been sent as a dean to the Police Training Academy in Nashik. Where he trains five cadets to fight the corrupt system and complete his unfinished work. But does his well-thought-out plan reach the end of what he thought?

Class of ’83 Movie story

Mumbai’s capable police officer Vijay Singh (Bobby Deol) is sent to the Training Academy in Nashik after being named as a convict in a case. Vijay Singh is a tough-headed dean, in whose name cadets are afraid, but also give respect. He is an inspiration among the boys due to his bravery, but finds himself defeated in his eyes. Not only at the professional level, but also in personal life. He finds himself trapped in a network of corruption by politicians and gangsters. In such a situation, Vijay Singh’s eyes are on five boys of 1983 batch who are friends, capable, They are courageous. He trains them to eliminate mafias while in police uniform. Explains the tricks to avoid internal politics.

All boys are admitted to the Mumbai Police after passing the academy. And after a few years, the process of completing the unfinished work of Vijay Singh begins. But in the meantime the five police officers, apart from screwing bets to the underworld; Mutual competition – ego – has to contend with the rulers. The story of the hindi movie is that of a police officer whose posting is done. He is made the Dean of the Police Academy. But he decides that he will live by punishing the corrupt bureaucracy.

Class of '83 Hindi Film Review: Bobby Deol Starr In this crime-drama, the drama is lacking

  • Artists – Bobby Deol, Anoop Soni, Vishwajit Pradhan, Joy Sengupta, Bhupendra Jadawat, Sameer Paranjpe, Hitesh Bhojraj, Prithvi Pratap, Ninad Mahajani
  • Platform- Netflix

Direction hindi movie Class of ’83

It is not easy to turn a novel into a film. Director Atul Sabharwal has also shown an original blueprint in his movie. But the script written by Abhijeet Deshpande is the weakest aspect of the hindi film. In about two hours, not a single scene takes the story to the level of adventure. A straightforward, flat, simple story can also be interesting, but this is not the case here. The story moves at the same pace from beginning to end.

There is always an excitement among the audience about the crime drama .. because watching the police fighting the negativity of the mafia gives the audience a hope. Well, a good thing can be noted that the hindi film does not forcefully force songs or action scenes.

Acting Class of ’83

There was a hope in mind to see Bobby Deol in the role of a police officer, but the director has not left any scope for the actor. Bobby Deol has done a good job as Dean. He has been successful in bringing seriousness and stability to his personality. It seems that he has easily got into this character. At the same time, police officers Bhupendra Jadavat, Sameer Paranjpe, Hitesh Bhojraj, Prithvik Pratap, Ninad Mahajani have done justice to their characters. Among the co-stars are Anoop Soni, Joy Sengupta.

Technical aspect Class of ’83

There is a lot of attention to location in ‘Class of 83’. The movie has been successful in showing the 80s and this is also its strongest side. In some scenes the dialogues attract you. At the same time, the background score given by Viju Shah disappoints. The 80s Indian film, mostly filmed in dark tones, has a somewhat strange mordant music.

See or not see hindi movie Class of ’83

Mumbai’s Underworld and Encounter Police .. have been served in front of the audience for decades. Therefore, there is nothing new here. The weakest side of ‘Class of’ 83 ‘is its script, which never gets interesting. There is a lack of drama in this crime-drama hindi movie. If you want to give two hours out of your daily routine for the performance of Bobby Deol and co-stars, then you can give.

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