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BISKOTH MOVIE COMEDY WATCH ONLINE TAMIL | Santhanam | Tara Alisha | Radhan | R Kannan | REVIEW

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Biskoth movie adapted the Hollywood movie comedy story watch online or download tamil, Directed and Written by – R. Kannan, Starring – Santhanam Nambiar, Tara Alisha, official trailer

BISKOTH MOVIE adapted film

BISKOTH MOVIE director Cannan adapted the Hollywood film Bedtime Stories for Tamils. But perhaps more attention was paid to the script. The promo in the first half was impressive, and in the second half it was not entirely clean. One could definitely celebrate more if the script was more interesting.

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Man Santanam performed poorly for three. He kept the image intact with his counters. Many of the counterattacks he inflicts on Mottai Rajendran and Manohar are laughable.

This is Selagar Janaki’s 400th film

His job is to tell the story to Santanam. However, the possession of one of them is still beyond the reach of the average person. Anandraj, Tara Alissa, Master Shivashankar and many others acted. Of these, Anandraj is visible only in a few scenes. Not all heroines do their job well.

BISKOTH is a movie about whether a son fulfills his father’s wish.

Narain and Anandraj worked together to make cookies. Narain dies with the dream that his son Santanam will one day become the manager of his cookie company. Anandraj runs the biscuit company where Santhanam works.

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In addition, Santhanam helps those in nursing homes. All the stories that Selagar tells to Janaki Santhanam, who is there, begin to really happen in his life. Therefore, Santanam constantly urges Selagar Janaki to tell this story. A script about whether Santhanam’s life will change for the better thanks to the stories he tells.

BISKOTH MOVIE the perfect parody

Filmmaker Shanmuga Sundaram has made the perfect parody of Bhagupali and 300, Biscuit Company and Nursing Home. None of the songs I remember. Ratan’s background music was not impressive either.

They visualized a story in a film told by their grandmother. It shows the art director’s work on scenes from films such as Bhagupali and 300. In every scene, it is obvious that the crew is so meticulous that the film needs to be shot at low cost. Especially in the climax fight scene.

BISKOTH MOVIE story of the film goes somewhere

The first half lasts only 45 minutes and ends immediately. If Super is sitting in the second half, then the story of the film goes somewhere and finally ends with a nod. Although this is a small story, they tried to fake Hollywood films, including Bhagwati and 300. Nothing is remembered, as it is said very superficially, without pressure in any scene.

Lovers of the Santhanam counter restaurant can only laugh at some of the places. Overall, the sugar content of BISKOTH MOVIE is very, very low!

BISKOTH MOVIE Full Cast & Crew

Directed by – R. Kannan
Produced by – R. Kannan
Written by – R. Kannan
Starring – Santhanam Nambiar, Tara Alisha
Music by – Radhan
Cinematography – Shanmuga Sundaram
Edited by – RK Selva
Production company – Masala Pix
Distributed by – Trident Arts


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