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Bichoo ka khel web series watch online zee-5 download, starring divyenndu, anshul chauhan, zeishan quadri, altbalaji, official trailer

BICHOO KA KHEL “Munna Bhaya” will avenge her father justly and mercilessly

Divendu Sharma, who plays BICHOO KA KHEL Munn Bhaya’s Trailer, has returned to playing the Zee-5 Scorpion web series with the same look and feel. The same stew is visible.

BICHOO KA KHEL The Scorpion of Zee-5 series

The saddest moment for fans of Mirzapur, the Amazon Prime Video web series, was when Munna Bhaya was shot. But now there is good news for fans that Munna Bhaya is back. Yes, Divendu Sharma, who plays Munnu Bhaya, has returned to playing the Scorpion of Zee-5 series with the same look and feel. The same stew is visible.

BICHOO KA KHEL Revenge for the death of his father

This web series tells the story of Comrade Banaras. The name of the character is Achil Srivastava. Achilles killed Anil Chaubei. The police are interrogating them. This is where the story begins. In fact, Achil’s father is imprisoned. He goes to jail to free them. But someone plays and the father dies.

After his death, Achil is released from prison and begins a game of scorpions. Search and kill all enemies begins. The story is simple but fascinating. A dark comedy tested with the help of crime. Dialogues and Kiratar look pretty funny. Now let’s see how it attracts the public?

Stellar composition BECHOO KA KHEL

In the web series, Achil plays Divenda Sharma. At the same time, Zishan Kadri acts as a policeman. Zishan previously played the role of the Determined in the Wasseipur Gang. It is noteworthy that he was also the author of the Wasseipur Gangs. It can be interesting to watch them. In addition, Anshul Chauhan, Mukul Chadda and Satyajit Sharma are set to star in the web series. The web series aired simultaneously on Zee-5 and Alt Balaji on November 18.

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Series Writing Credits
Gibran Noorani – 1 episode, 2020
Series Cast 
Divyendu Sharma – 1 episode, 2020
Anshul Chauhan – Rashmi Chaubey1 episode, 2020
Mukul Chadda – 1 episode, 2020
Trishna Mukherjee – 1 episode, 2020
Gagan Anand – 1 episode, 2020
Abhinav Anand – 1 episode, 2020
Syed Zeeshan Qadri – 1 episode, 2020
Akanksha Thakur – 1 episode, 2020
Series Produced by
Ekta Kapoor – producer
Series Cinematography by 
Sunil Pillai – 9 episodes, 2020
Series Costume Design by
Priyanka Mishra
Series Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
Himanshu Baluni – second assistant director 1 episode, 2020
Ankit Gaur – second assistant director 1 episode, 2020
Series Stunts
Raj Shinde – Action Director 1 episode, 2020
Series Camera and Electrical Department 
Ayaskant Baral – Second Unit Cinematographer 9 episodes, 2020
Pramod Kumar Nayak – B Camera Operator 1 episode, 2020


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